The world’s best companies and major public sector organisations rely on CCL’s unique blend of digital investigation and cyber security expertise. Integrating digital forensics, data analytics, data governance and cyber security has allowed us to become their trusted data partner, charged with finding, protecting and transforming data across law enforcement, legal and corporate settings.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

For 20 years CCL has set the pace in digital forensics for law enforcement. Our expertise is there in the proprietary techniques that transcend industry standard tools, it’s there in our track record of game-changing casework and it’s there in our cutting-edge focus on emerging challenges such as cryptocurrency and cyber crime.

We support the National Crime Agency, the Metropolitan Police, UK regional forces, HM Government, and national and international agencies with our investigative services.

We’re recognised not just for our technical competence in highly complex cases, but also for our care and sensitivity in deeply troubling ones. Plus, we continue to invest heavily in a dedicated cyber crime team to augment law enforcement units.

Our ISO 17025 accreditation and adherence to the Forensic Science Regulators Code of Practice highlights our commitment to auditable and unbiased investigation.


The exponential growth of data stores, particularly where so much of it remains unstructured or ‘dark’ presents an ever-present risk to corporates.

CCL works with its corporate clients in a number of ways to mitigate that risk, and to go further, transforming data into an asset, risk into value.

And this isn’t just about technology and technicians - our corporate work is driven by a senior team of legal, discovery, compliance and data governance professionals working day-to-day with GCs, CISOs, CTOs, and across the C suite.



For as long as law firms have been dealing with Electronic Stored Information (ESI), CCL has been helping with collection, discovery, review and production services, for either litigation or investigatory purposes.

We’ve shaped the services to suit the needs of the profession - fast, reliable, cost-effective, defensible, with seasoned, expert and highly responsive teams in your corner.

It’s a capability built on years of finding and processing vast stores of relevant information for the nation’s law enforcement agencies; as quality ‘kitemarks’ go, there can be none better.

Public sector

Public sector organisations - local authorities, health and social care, further education, housing associations, NGOs etc - face many and varied data challenges.

Keeping systems secure, ensuring citizen data is held safely and compliantly, being able to effectively investigate internal or civil matters, reviewing data and extracting greater value from it, maintaining the strictest evidential standards, these are all areas where CCL typically partners with public sector clients.

Our fully accredited, highly efficient processes make us a good fit for those wanting a quality service but needing best value delivery.

Public sector

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