February 7, 2022

Chewing the FAT podcast: Special guest Alex Caithness

CCL's Principal Analyst Alex Caithness gets more than his 15 minutes of fame as the special guest in the latest episode of the Chewing the FAT video podcast.

If digital forensics is your thing, then you might want to take a look at/have a listen to the Chewing the FAT video podcast. We're not just saying this because our own Alex Caithness is this week's special guest but because we're always keen to highlight useful and entertaining sources of information and insight.

Chewing the FAT is a Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations video podcast written and presented by Firmski (Adam Firman) and Cobbers (Phil Cobley) where they discuss and explore past or future developments impacting on the industry. With recent industry news bulletins, special guest interviews from the field, and a casual, fun approach to all things DFIR, the podcast is designed to help keep practitioners and enthusiasts engaged and up-to-speed on this fast paced and ever changing discipline.

In episode 9, Alex pops up at 19m 30s and then goes down the RabbitHole....

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