Data Analytics
Our stock in trade is data - we are here to discover, protect and transform it. Our work in the field of data analytics draws on all three strengths - locating all the potentially relevant data in the first place; handling it securely, legally and defensibly; and ordering and analysing it to provide clarity and insight, truth and meaning.

The continuing exponential growth of data, plus the proliferation of device types, places huge demands on those who need to access and assess digital material - and to be able to do so quickly, cost-effectively and proportionately.

We can help you sift through swathes of data to find the information you need fast. This could be pulling together a regulatory report; finding the key actors in a data breach situation; locating the smoking gun document in a criminal case or corporate investigation; reviewing evidence to inform early case assessment; or even just looking at statistical information to improve an existing business process.

CCL’s class-leading forensics capability ensures that all the requisite discovery, review and investigation work is built on reassuringly solid foundations. Our analyst teams then apply best of breed technology and expert techniques to process, filter, order and contextualise data to drive up meaning and value while driving down time and cost.


Our discovery solutions have been designed to maximise choice, minimise cost and optimise outcomes. They feature:

  • An end-to-end service from device acquisition to final production
  • Collections driven by the UK’s foremost digital forensics specialist
  • Processing built around the rapid ingestion of terabytes of data and R&D-led handling of difficult filetypes
  • The application of the very latest in Technology Assisted Review techniques
  • Leading-edge developments such as translation capability using Azure Cognitive Services and custom scripting
  • Agnostic fluency across all the leading review platforms including Nuix, Relativity, Clearwell and ShareBrief, plus support for analysis and review in Microsoft 365
  • Multiple review options, from secure online facilities to dedicated physical viewing suites to a fully CCL-managed legal review process
Managed Review

While some clients are happy to conduct their own evidence reviews within our secure suites or via secure remote access, others are looking for more. Our Managed Review service has been designed for those wanting to transform the speed, accuracy and visibility of the process, while significantly reducing cost and bringing in greater pricing certainty.

It can encompass 1st Pass, 2nd Pass and Privilege phases and can even extend beyond that into more in-depth analysis of the matter. Our average review project cost can deliver 70%+ savings when compared with law firm review.

We utilise a proprietary, proven, project management approach and stringent quality controls. So much of our day-to-day work is driven by the highest evidential standards - those that will stand up in criminal court - that process, integrity and compliance are implicit in everything we do.

Our hand-picked team of lawyers operate within a dedicated physical space with no distractions, one project at a time, working through a clearly defined, well-proven process of briefing, calibration, review with on-going internal quality control, and client quality assurance.

For law firms or corporates looking for LPO-style legal efficiency and better outcomes, CCL’s Managed Review is the stand-out choice.


CCL is the go-to partner for both regulators and corporates needing high-end investigative support in the event of say, a compliance issue, suspect criminal activity or IP theft.

Our blend of forensic collections and data analysis expertise provides the evidence and builds the picture, empowering clients to take the necessary next steps.

  • Retrieve and review deleted data from devices that would not normally be obtainable with standard tools.
  • Process large volumes and types of data with advanced search capabilities using keywords to retrieve information quickly.
  • Data is presented for review in chronological order with full forensic evidence of collection and processing methodology.
  • Investigative strategies are disclosure-compliant with all privileged or sensitive material handled appropriately.

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