Smart Collections

Secure significant cost-efficiencies from a turnkey digital forensic and data acquisition service.

Enjoy price certainty with our fixed project price guarantee.

Leverage complementary add-ons such as processing, analysis and review.

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A first-class service, every time

Our Smart Collections service has been designed to give organisations every benefit when it comes to data extraction work: rapid response, ultra-fast imaging, minimised business disruption, and all to the same ISO 17205 gold standard.

Our dual trained personnel across PC and mobile make for a more streamlined, discreet response, capable of imaging multiple devices simultaneously. Using the world’s most advanced frontline technology, SPEKTOR, we can also image up to 10x quicker on average than traditional tools.

It is a great choice for law firms, in-house legal, corporate investigation teams, eDiscovery providers, indeed any organisation that needs expert assistance with acquiring data quickly, defensibly and cost-effectively for subsequent investigation / interrogation / review.

CCL Spektor

Our Smart Collections service covers:

Forensic imaging of devices

Acquisition of relevant data from mobile devices

Identification and collection of data from cloud sources

Live acquisitions of data from running systems

Retrieval of data from both physical and virtual servers, databases or networks

Acquiring volatile memory from running computers

On-site or remote collection options

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It you're looking for rapid response, ultra-fast imaging to an ISO 17205 gold standard, contact us to discuss how we can help.

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