Investigative services for regulatory bodies

Partner with a team well-equipped to accelerate time to insight and support cost-effective enquiries and enforcement action.

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Expertise in regulatory investigations

Accelerating insight and ensuring effective enforcement

At CCL, we're well-known across Europe for our digital investigation prowess. We're here to support financial and industry regulators, civil authorities, and sports governing bodies.

Having successfully served this sector for many years, we understand the unique pressures you face — the need to be lean yet effective. That's why we’ve streamlined our procurement process offering both ad hoc services and long-term contracts.

With our comprehensive suite of services, we ensure cost transparency and deliverability. And when urgency is key, our team is ready to respond rapidly and at scale, offering the reassurance you need in high-pressure situations.

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Familiar hurdles to overcome

Do you and your team encounter scenarios like these in your regulatory work?

Quick initial data assessment to determine potential cases or unveil new lines of enquiry.

Speedy collection, processing, and review to guide investigative strategies and provide early insights.

Access to advanced technology for smart processing and analysis, keeping review volumes manageable and costs in check.

Comprehensive, turnkey disclosure capabilities to support prosecutions of any size and complexity.

We’re focused on driving better outcomes, faster – giving that early insight and building that bigger picture quickly. But we also know that clients are under pressure to ask more of us: clarity on costs, timeframes and deliverables; commitment to resourcing levels and response times; and a full appreciation of the regulatory environment and how to operate within it.

Discover the difference a tailored, scalable partnership can make in your regulatory operations. Learn how CCL can align with your specific needs and challenges.

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Why the right partner matters

Selecting the right partner is crucial for regulatory bodies. CCL is the trusted choice for regulators needing outsourced data processing, analysis, and review, especially during peak demand periods.

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To supplement standard operations or manage peak demand, outsource data processing, analysis, and review work

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Access additional resources or expertise for high volume or intricate investigations

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Utilize a comprehensive capability that includes forensic data collection as well as processing, review, and production

We're also here for those complex, high-volume investigations. Our services are scalable and custom-fit to your needs — a small pocket of particular expertise here, a large team of extra hands there, and always with the ability to flex to changing requirements. And what remains the constant? The quality of our input, output and the way we drive the outcome.

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Diverse partnerships with unified goals

CCL's partnerships are as varied as the regulatory landscape. We're the lead in digital forensics and investigations for organisations lacking in-house capabilities, and a reliable partner for larger bodies with specific needs. Together, we work towards common goals of integrity and thoroughness in investigations.

Who we work with

This sees us routinely working alongside:

Investigation units

Crime units

Compliance teams

Criminal enforcement teams

General Counsel

In-house digital forensic teams

Why regulators choose CCL

Investigations for regulatory bodies can be complex, urgent, and highly sensitive, often carrying significant stakes and requiring swift action. Our clients trust us because they know we're well-versed in these challenging environments. We're adept at handling the dynamics of high-pressure situations and are a reliable partner for delivering results.

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Agility & Presence

With one of the UK’s largest digital forensic teams, we're always ready to enhance your in-house capabilities, especially during surge demands.

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Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Leveraging top-tier tools and processes, we streamline data recovery, processing, and review for quick, cost-effective outcomes.

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Our ability to rapidly adapt, scale, and deploy resources ensures you have the right expertise exactly when it’s needed.

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Comprehensive Service

As a single-source provider, we offer a complete range of digital forensic services, simplifying your operational needs while providing substantial commercial benefits.

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Ready to experience the CCL difference in your regulatory investigations? Reach out now for a consultation and see how we can empower your operations.

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