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Offering rapid data recovery and intelligent review to impact your investigations and inform lines of enquiry

When it comes
to guidance and support in data-intensive investigations, you can rely on CCL. Whether you're in the law enforcement sector, a corporate, law firm or regulatory authority, you can trust us to provide a unique blend of advanced technology and investigative mindset to deliver significantly more value to your investigation.

Drawing on a strong policing background and deep legal disclosure knowledge, we combine platforms, processes and people to extract more meaning more quickly from data recovered – helping transform the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the most complex investigation, prosecution or litigation.

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Ensuring evidential integrity through an industry-leading approach to data recovery, processing and review

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Unmatched capacity

Offering more investigative resource under one roof than any UK competitor, with the ability to effortlessly scale up for complex, high volume cases

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Global reach

Using technology and a large talent pool to handle digital investigations and disclosure exercises across continents and jurisdictions

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Accelerating time to evidence with turnkey identification, collection, processing, analysis, review and production

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Pushing technology and process innovation to drive down costs while safeguarding quality

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Blended expertise

Bringing together digital forensics, data investigations, disclosure knowhow and cyber awareness for a rounded, 360 degree approach

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Our investigative services may be built on forensic precision, but there are other qualities in play that underpin results. You’ll find us:

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Fostering application and effort that ensures teams go the extra mile and simply try harder on your behalf

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Moving quickly and incisively in urgent and fluid situations, staying proactive and close to clients throughout

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Bolstering clients and delivering greater returns through high-class project management, innovation and problem solving

A partner for all reasons

Requirements around digital investigations can differ from sector to sector. For some, the scope and quality are everything; for others, responsiveness is key; for others again, cost and proportionality are primary considerations. With our experience across both public and private sectors, we’re fully attuned to the needs of different audiences - and to delivering the desired outcomes.

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