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CCL is dedicated to data - to discover, protect and transform it, to help reveal truth, manage risk and generate insight. Guided by the highest ethical and professional standards and most rigorous evidential handling processes, we are the go-to partner for agencies and organisations around the world.
High-end tech meets high-calibre people
CCL is an amalgam of some amazing technology and very talented people - and it’s no better exemplified than by our R&D centre of excellence. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure we can deliver the right outcomes for clients.
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Reacting to urgent forensic multi-jurisdiction collection requests. Proactively advising on incident response readiness. Delivering integrated data management services to drive down cost and risk. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we have the domain expertise and stand-out technology you can rely on.
The gold standard
for digital forensics
For 20 years CCL has set the pace in digital forensics for law enforcement. Our expertise is there in the proprietary techniques that transcend industry standard tools, it’s there in our track record of game-changing casework and it’s there in our cutting-edge focus on emerging challenges such as cryptocurrency and cyber crime.
Taking data discovery and disclosure to the next level
Fine-tuned by regular exposure to complex criminal cases, litigation, corporate investigations and data breaches, CCL has developed some of the sector’s most advanced data discovery and review capabilities – giving clients the efficiency, speed and cost certainty they crave.
Cyber force: protecting data at source
When it comes to data, CCL doesn’t just look for it or look at it – we look after it too. Cyber security is key to safeguarding intellectual property, continuity, reputation and shareholder value – that’s why we’ve invested in some of the UK’s best cyber talent for our pen testing, Red, Blue and Purple Teaming and investigation work.
Changing the game with best-in-class forensic tools
CCL has developed a cutting-edge suite of proprietary forensic tools to help both technical and non-technical investigators achieve better outcomes faster– from frontline triage to in-lab data exploration.
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CCL is trusted by organisations around the world. And given the high stakes nature of our work, whether it’s supporting criminal prosecutions or safeguarding corporate worth, trust is everything.
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Data is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we’re tasked to discover, protect or transform it, we have the skills, services and scale to respond assuredly, promptly and cost-effectively.
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We may be dedicated to data but we are driven by relationships. CCL is a proud partner and advisor to law enforcement, government agencies, and corporates and organisations both in the UK and around the world.
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