Vulnerability Assessments

Provide a rapid picture of common vulnerabilities affecting internal and external assets

Highlight effectiveness of current vulnerability management and patching policy, and identify where these can be improved

Ensure quick response to remediate common vulnerabilities, on a regular, repeatable cycle for optimal protection

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Our vulnerability assessment service provides a process of identifying, classifying, remediating, mitigating and tracking vulnerabilities within an IT infrastructure either on-premise or cloud.

It provides you with an understanding of your current vulnerability posture and offers prioritisation in order to resolve those vulnerabilities based on their severity.

It’s a light-touch, low impact service that allows for regular scheduling and a proactive approach to risk management.

CCL laptop

What to expect

Internal and external vulnerability scans

Asset tracking; includes both servers/workstations as well as network equipment

Assessments of third-party software

Customised reports based on customer environment

Recommendations and response planning support

Manual results review to eliminate false positives

Stronger adherence to compliance standards

Price certainty from the outset

Multiple assessments per year negotiable

We're a trusted partner

All consultants security cleared and certified under CREST, Tiger Scheme or Cyber Scheme

A cyber specialist rooted in standards – ISO 27001, ISO 9001, CEH, IASME, CREST, CHECK

Our accreditations

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