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As a frontline force in law enforcement, you require a partner who leads the way in digital forensics, digital investigation, and cyber security.

Your trusted partner

At CCL Solutions Group, we stand as that leader in Europe. Our exceptional track record, combined with deep domain expertise and solid accreditation, positions us to support your investigations robustly.

We’re here to help you achieve better outcomes across both criminal case work and data protection, all the while adhering to the highest evidential handling and security standards. Trust us to be your ally in maintaining public safety and justice.

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CCL Solutions Group Law Enforcement

Serving the criminal justice system

In the challenging world of law enforcement, CCL has long stood out for its expertise and innovation. For over 20 years, we've been at the forefront of digital forensics, setting the pace with our advanced techniques and solutions. Our work in complex areas like crypto and the dark web has made us a trusted partner for agencies such as the National Crime Agency and the Metropolitan Police.

Blending technical excellence with a deep understanding of law enforcement requirements, means we’re uniquely equipped to bolster your team's efforts in every aspect of forensic investigation.

Three key reasons why we're law enforcement's premier partner

CCL Size

Rapid response for complex cases

When you face complex, large-scale investigations, our team of over 100 analysts and consultants is ready to respond with speed and expertise. We're equipped to handle your most demanding cases, ensuring rapid results without compromising on quality.

CCL Scope

Everything you need for comprehensive support

Your need for a single, reliable source for end-to-end digital forensics, investigations, and cyber security is met with our extensive in-house capabilities. With CCL, you have access to a broad range of expert services, all under one roof.

CCL Standards

Accredited excellence in law enforcement support

Our long-standing accreditation to ISO 17025, CHECK, and CREST reflects our commitment to supply chain compliance and high-quality services. Rely on our proven processes and integrity to uphold the standards crucial in law enforcement.

For law enforcement agencies seeking a partner who excels in compliance, capability, capacity, and security, CCL is the clear choice. Our adherence to the latest Code of Practice and broad ISO 17025 accreditation ensures your investigations are supported by elite forensic expertise. With our extensive resources and commitment to supply chain security, trust that you'll be equipped to handle complex cases effectively and securely, reinforcing your mission to uphold public safety.

Overcoming your challenges

Dedicated to bolstering your law enforcement efforts CCL specialise in recovering, processing, and preparing data for review, seamlessly supporting your internal Digital Forensic Units. Our expertise extends across a broad spectrum of law enforcement teams:

Investigation Teams


Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Teams (RASSO)

Management of Sexual or Violent Offenders (MOSOVO)

Public Protection Units (PPU)

Force Crime Units

Serious Organised Crime Units (SOCU)

Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCU)

National Crime Agency (NCA)

Counter Terrorism Units (CTU)

And while we are fixed on the day-to-day, we are also focused on the future; we're continually innovating and investing in future-ready solutions to help you meet evolving statutory standards, manage the growth in digital devices, and chase down digital evidence faster and smarter.

You can count on us to deliver evidence that stands up in court, contributing to successful convictions.

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Building a stronger digital partnership

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