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Why digital forensics is no longer optional for businesses

Data is the lifeblood of today’s commercial entities. That’s why it’s so often crucial in corporate forensic investigations, from suspected IP theft and financial fraud to employee misconduct and breach of contract. More and more companies are now looking to recover, secure and analyse data from systems and devices, to pull together the digital traces that will help illumine an investigation. And under pressure to deliver a result quickly.

The urgency for an expert forensic analysis has never been greater, and it's why businesses turn to us. We specialise in recovering, analysing, and interpreting digital material to illuminate your unique situation.

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Does this sound familiar?

Troubled by suspicions that an employee is siphoning off company data?

Worried that critical information may have been leaked to competitors?

Need to substantiate your hunches of fraudulent activity within the organisation with digital evidence?

Working with CCL doesn’t end at mere data retrieval. We focus on helping you understand and interpret what that data means to your investigation, providing you with a comprehensive report that spells out the facts clearly, conclusively and backed by in-depth forensic analysis.

This in-depth analysis becomes a roadmap for a corporate forensic investigation, allowing you to make informed decisions on how to move forward.

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Why the right partner matters

CCL has long been a trusted, reliable and assured digital forensics provider within highly regulated sectors; but as data value and vulnerability have tracked upwards, we have also become the ‘go-to’ partner for any company looking to:

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Enhance compliance

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Reduce business risk

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Protect reputation

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Preserve shareholder value

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Safeguard intellectual property

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Minimise brand erosion

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Strengthen commercial operations

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Improve litigation readiness

We are acutely aware that our work has potentially huge consequences, and that we can be operating in hyper-sensitive environments, or at times of immense jeopardy for organisations. That means open lines of communication, instant team-playing, transparency and accountability are as much a part of the CCL response as forensic quality.

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Helping you navigate complex challenges

Responsibility for driving through a corporate investigation typically depends on the nature of the matter at hand and how an organisation is resourced and governed.

Who do we help?

Internal investigations

In-house legal


Brand protection

Risk and compliance

Cyber security

Data/IP theft | financial irregularities | fraud | copyright infringement | employee misconduct | breach of contract or restrictive covenant | legislative and regulatory non-compliance | health and safety enquiries

Why corporates trust CCL

Our clients take digital forensic expertise across networks,cloud, PCs, tablets and mobiles as a given. That’s why we offer so much more.

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Speed & Efficiency

Rapid response & fast turnaround: Harnessing a vast resource pool, operational experience, and over 100 technical experts to act swiftly.
Operational agility: Minimising disruptions and ensuring a quick return to Business As Usual (BAU).

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Global Reach & Advanced Solutions

Global data access: Finding data across four continents, whether through remote collections or physical deployments.
Next-gen solutions: Innovations in remote collection and advanced extraction help find data more efficiently.

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Integrity & Compliance

Evidential integrity: ISO 17025-backed processes ensure defensibility of data for litigation or tribunal.
Privacy by design: Emphasising targeted extraction that respects data privacy and meets wider confidentiality obligations.
Supply chain security: Bolstering supplier chain compliance with our ISO accreditation.

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Value & Convenience

Cost effectiveness: Balancing technology, process, and commercial insights to offer optimal value.
Streamlined single source: A one-stop-shop for all required forensic services, simplifying commercial contracting.

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