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Utilise our advanced surveying equipment, analytical tools and sophisticated bespoke programming to positively impact the quality and costs of major, complex and volume crime cases.

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Draw on technical, procedural and legal knowledge to strengthen case presentation, expose weaknesses or debunk testimony as expert witnesses.

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Keep one step ahead of technical, regulatory and judicial demands with new solutions and an academic, research-oriented mindset.

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Over the past decade, we have built the largest pool of private sector cell site expertise anywhere in Europe. Our team members are award-winning; published regularly in scientific journals; called as expert witnesses for both prosecution and defence; and consult regularly with the Forensic Science Regulator on standards and best practice.

For some forces, we are their cell site analysis team; for others, we bring extra resource or particular skillsets; and for all forces and for defence counsel, we are able to go further than analysts’ presentation of factual call data with expert opinion.

As the science matures, there’s also continued innovation. We don't just analyse, our Cell Site Scene Preservation service gives LEAs a reliable, affordable way to overcome the challenges brought on by UK mobile network operators and their rapid reconfiguration of their mobile networks.

Preserving the cell scene early mitigates the risk of the mobile network changing between the time any calls were made by a target phone and the eventual survey – which in turn can seriously undermine the validity of any Cell Site evidence presented in court.

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