CASCADE Forensic Automation is all about accelerating investigations. It’s a scalable solution that allows you to automate your forensic tools and create intelligent workflows - generating better outputs, faster, and with significant time and cost savings.

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Stand-out features include

  • ‘No touch’ delivery - Cascade offers completely automated delivery of preliminary results for review by investigating officer
  • Product agnostic - Handle popular 3rd party forensic tools using intelligent workflows and supports industry standards like CAID
  • Policy triggers - Trigger events based on processing results. Pause for review or skip to next step automatically and create continual and comprehensive audit logs
  • Smart processing - Process multiple exhibits simultaneously using different tools and different workflows, driving productivity up and costs down

CASCADE is delivered as a complete solution – fully configured, optimised and tested for maximum customer convenience.

It comprises:

  • CASCADE server – the heart of the system, a webserver application in a Windows VM
  • CASCADE Virtual Nodes – Virtual Machines running our SPEKTOR frontline data triage application
  • CASCADE Physical Nodes – computers with write blocked multi device interfaces running our SPEKTOR frontline data triage application
  • Windows/Linux Virtual Nodes – Virtual machines running 3rd party software
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Key benefits

  • Increased efficiency
    Eliminate unnecessary forensic imaging and analysis, reduce storage costs, speed up decisions and delivery of preliminary results for review
  • Improved resource utilisation
    Automate the high volume, low impact casework allowing your skilled analysts to focus on the complex, higher value, more rewarding work
  • Reduced outsourcing requirement
    Scale up your labs’ capability to cope with high volume ‘burst demand’ and scale back dependency on external providers

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