The SPEKTOR product range – Ultra, Drive and Kiosk - has been designed specifically to support non-technical investigators to rapidly preserve and automatically examine data stored on computers and mass storage devices.

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It has set new standards for digital forensic triage at the frontline, transforming the operational velocity, quality and efficacy of collection and analysis in the field.

It is used by police and other enforcement officers around the world as well as by corporate investigation teams and forensic collection specialists – anyone who has a requirement for rapid, reliable on-site imaging.

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The SPEKTOR device family has been built on portability, functionality and ease of use, with options for all scenarios and environments:

Ultra - a rugged tablet designed and built to perform in the field

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Drive - a bootable USB stick that can turn a PC or Mac into a fully functional SPEKTOR appliance

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Kiosk - a desktop solution geared to offices, labs, evidence suites, border control points

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Key benefits

Easy to use

There’s no complex configuration work needed on-site, no specialists needed to operate it. Just highly intuitive with all the functionality you need in one portable unit.

Quick to deploy

Because SPEKTOR can be used by anyone, you’re not having to wait on expensive technicians before you can start. Get to site, get collecting, get ahead.

Rapid results

In terms of performance, SPEKTOR has set a new industry standard. It gives you the earliest intelligence possible, with its ultra-fast collection and smart analysis capabilities giving you evidential insights on the spot.

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Reduced risk

The more thorough, faster and forensically sound the collection and triage, the greater the chances of catching the data that will support your investigation and minimise missteps.


The speed, ease and defensibility of SPEKTOR-enabled collections lightens the load on labs and investigative teams, minimising inefficiencies and maximising value.

Light touch

SPEKTOR’s ultra-fast collection speed minimises operational impact, meaning business doesn’t have to stop and pay the price of further disruption or device replacement

Robust defensibility

SPEKTOR ensures forensically sound collections, with analysed devices left untouched by the imaging process, and a full audit trail and image library to underpin process integrity

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