Digital Forensics
For 20 years CCL has set the pace in digital forensics for law enforcement.
CCL is dedicated to data - to discover, protect and transform it, to help reveal truth, manage risk and generate insight. Guided by the highest ethical and professional standards and most rigorous evidential handling processes, we are the go-to partner for agencies and organisations around the world.

That pursuit of quality was underlined by CCL being the first digital forensics lab to achieve the ISO 17025 standard - your assurance that our evidential handling processes will stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny in court.

CCL is a long-standing partner of the National Crime Agency, the Metropolitan Police, UK police forces and national and international governments and agencies. We support the most complex, and often highly sensitive investigations including counterterrorism, serious organised crime, and child abuse.

Our forensic experts provide you with complete confidence in the collection and analysis of digital material. We can ensure you present an accurate scenario to the court with no missing data, using collection methods that meet the wide range of accreditations of any UK digital forensic laboratory.

Using proprietary solutions and unique techniques that go beyond industry standard tools, CCL can help take you further - accessing more devices and unlocking more evidence to tell more of the story and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Computer Forensics

We offer comprehensive forensic services across centralised computing resources and end user devices, providing digital information back to you quickly and in line with your methodologies and processes.

  • Build a stronger evidence collection through applied techniques and forensic investigators with over 30+ years of experience.
  • Process multiple assets within set timeframes and agreed budgets, supporting proportionality of costs.
  • Support early case assessment to determine validity of a case and assist with prioritising cases with potential victims.
Mobile & Tablet Forensics

We have long led the way in the rapidly evolving world of data collection and analysis from mobiles, smartphones and tablets. Our intelligent toolkit features standard tools and a wealth of advanced engineering hacks to open up unsupported or specialised devices and encrypted applications.

  • Unlock data not normally accessible from obscure devices and applications and present it in a readable format.
  • Retrieve digital information from damaged devices including missing parts and water damaged items.
  • Benefit from unique scripts and extraction programmes to extract data and translate language where required.
Sat Nav Forensics

We help you map out a complete picture with our unique forensic capabilities around satnavs: there are few evidential routes we can’t go down, even those that are often incorrectly deemed unavailable.

  • Access extensively detailed route history logs, recent journeys, destinations and points of interest relevant to the case, including information hidden within device infrastructures.
  • Gain access to system archive logs dating back over weeks and months, with rapid retrieval of entered locations and favourite destinations.
  • Delve deeper within system programming to extract accurate data on journey frequency, travel times and movement periods, with expert analysis to help understand user behaviour and device history.
Cell Site Analysis

We have consistently pushed the envelope on forensic data collection techniques, and this is no better evidenced than by our work in cell site analysis. Blending cutting-edge surveying equipment, analytical tools and highly sophisticated bespoke programming, we can positively impact the quality and costs of major, complex and volume crime cases.

Our team of cell site experts and analysts can:

  • Draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience from years of providing reports to both prosecution and defence.
  • Quickly expose weaknesses in a case and avoid the cost invested in a flawed case.
  • Provide the extra capacity, when deadlines are tight, to meet trial dates and act as expert witnesses in court when opinion-based evidence is critical.
Rapid response units

It’s not always possible to bring forensic evidence to the CCL labs. Sometimes the labs have to go to the evidence instead. With a rota of analysts on standby 24/7 and a fleet of custom vehicles, we can be onsite rapidly for immediate incident response. The professional knowhow and the technical toolkits available ensure the secure, simultaneous acquisition and triage of multiple devices in the field - enabling fast, precise analysis of large datasets directly, even in the most challenging environments.

Custom Software

Where others will only go as far as commercially available tools and applications will take them, our ethos has always been to get into places that others can’t and open up data sets that would otherwise be closed to our clients.

Under the aegis of our R&D Centre of Excellence, our data forensics technologists often work outside of the scope of industry standards, developing novel ways to extract and make sense of data from new, unusual or unsupported devices to enhance the scope and quality of digital evidence.

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