Setting the gold standard in digital forensics

CCL Solutions Group is home to Europe’s largest ISO 17025-accredited digital forensics lab. Our expert Digital Forensics teams are ready to discuss your data challenges.

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Digital Forensics

For 20 years CCL has set the pace in digital forensics for law enforcement.

CCL is dedicated to data - to discover, protect and transform it, to help reveal truth, manage risk and generate insight. Guided by the highest ethical and professional standards and most rigorous evidential handling processes, we are the go-to partner for agencies and organisations around the world.

That pursuit of quality was underlined by CCL being the first digital forensics lab to achieve the ISO 17025 standard - your assurance that our evidential handling processes will stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny in court.

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We lead the field

For over two decades our specialists have been setting the highest evidential standards when it comes to data collection, preservation, processing, and analysis.

One of the first UK digital forensics labs to achieve ISO 17025

100+ team of analysts across PC, mobile, cell site, IoT

Broadest certified scope of any UK provider

1500+ bespoke evidence hunting programs to “find the unfindable”

It’s this enduring commitment to quality, capacity and capability that has made us the go-to partner for the law enforcement, intelligence and legal communities around the world.

A meticulous approach

Our ethos is straightforward: the recovery, analysis, and interpretation of digital material must be meticulous and defensible if justice is to be served.

It must also be consistent, hence our promise of:

A rapid, assured response to even the largest, most complex requests

Efficient management of huge workflows providing the same forensic gold standard

Proactive support for when investigators need problem-solving premium services in the face of technological complications

We're here to help

We are here to help you tackle the challenges inherent in technological change by bringing together some of the sector’s brightest minds on your behalf. Our expert Digital Forensics teams are ready to discuss your data challenges.

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An investigative mindset

We’re also focused on helping you understand and interpret what that data means to your investigation - not just about obtaining it and passing it back.

A strong investigative mindset honed by extensive frontline experience

A unique team blending former Senior Investigating Officers, Military Police, and Counter Terrorism officers with specialist technical analysts

Systems and skills to accelerate processing, review and analysis, delivering results cost-effectively and compliantly

Boost your investigation team

We’re familiar with the issues you face and know how our services can best be used to strengthen your investigative hand. Find out how our experienced digital forensic team can improve your investigative effectiveness.

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Discover more

The full suite of our Digital Forensic services is outlined in the attached brochure.


Clients that put their trust in us

Our accreditations


We're here to help

Our experts are on hand to learn about your organisation and suggest the best approach to meet your needs. Contact us today.

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CCL is a long-standing partner of the National Crime Agency, the Metropolitan Police, UK police forces and national and international governments and agencies. We support the most complex, and often highly sensitive investigations including counterterrorism, serious organised crime, and child abuse.

Our forensic experts provide you with complete confidence in the collection and analysis of digital material. We can ensure you present an accurate scenario to the court with no missing data, using collection methods that meet the wide range of accreditations of any UK digital forensic laboratory.

Using proprietary solutions and unique techniques that go beyond industry standard tools, CCL can help take you further - accessing more devices and unlocking more evidence to tell more of the story and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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