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Law enforcement has never faced quite so many concurrent challenges. From the Forensic Science Regulator Act 2021 with its redefined Code of Practice setting a now statutory standard; to the explosion in digital evidence that continues to create huge pressures around device backlogs and internal resourcing; from increasingly sophisticated criminal behaviour to the rise in novel software and hardware that is enabling it.

It’s these investigative units and digital forensic teams that CCL supports every day in our shared mission: to protect individuals and communities from harm. For 25 years we have worked alongside the National Crime Agency, the Metropolitan Police, UK regional forces, HM Government, the defence and intelligence communities and international agencies around the world. We’re rising to the challenges together, finding more evidence, faster – and impacting investigations sooner.

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Does this sound familiar?

Struggling to find a large, experienced team to handle an increasing amount of digital evidence and be COP compliant?

Needing advanced technical insights on encryption or trying to retrieve data from damaged devices?

Looking for expertise on novel devices and emerging disciplines such as cell site scene preservation?

You're not alone. Every day, law enforcement units grapple with these challenges. CCL is here to stand side-by-side with you, offering unparalleled resources and expertise to help bridge these gaps and empower your teams.

Together, we can keep communities and individuals safe from harm and uphold the highest standards of justice.

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The value of the right forensic partner

There are so many ways we assist law enforcement, all linked to a capacity and capability that is unrivalled in the UK or across Europe:

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A team of 90+ analysts, including the acknowledged leaders in cell site

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The broadest ISO 17025-accredited service scope of any digital forensics provider

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Compliance with the FSR’s Code of Practice (COP) in relation to the end-to-end examination for each Forensic Science Activity (FSA)  

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National and international training and consultancy teams to build digital forensic capabilities and support standards and accreditation (NB. Beyond current ISO 17025 scope)

It’s this level of resourcing and quality that has long established CCL as the go-to partner for police forces needing to:

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Outsource some or all of their FSAs to a COP-compliant Forensic Service Provider to meet the statutory standards mandated by the FSR Act 2021

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Manage device queues more effectively by leveraging external resources

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Access levels of subject matter expertise not routinely available to them, e.g. cell site analysis

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Tap into advanced technical skills around encryption, extraction from damaged devices, and novel devices and software

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Supplement front line investigation teams with dual-trained analysts for rapid triage and imaging

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Build more in-house expertise and develop compliant, accreditation-ready labs

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Serving the criminal justice system

We operate across the criminal justice system, primarily working into police forces or law enforcement agencies, but also liaising with the CPS and counsel.

Who we work with

We supplement internal Digital Forensic Units and also deliver services directly into:

Investigation Teams


Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Teams (RASSO)

Management of Sexual or Violent Offenders (MOSOVO)

Public Protection Units (PPU)

Force Crime Units

Serious Organised Crime Units (SOCU)

Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCU)

National Crime Agency (NCA)

Counter Terrorism Units (CTU)

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Why CCL is the first choice for law enforcement 

We can always point to the past – 25 years of delivering to the highest standards, providing defensible evidence that can be trusted in court to help secure convictions. But we’re more focused on the future and our ability to help police forces comply with new statutory standards, cope with exponential device growth and chase down the digital evidence.

These are the things that matter to them:

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As one of the first Forensic Service Providers to transition to the new Code of Practice, our accredited services can help plug any internal gaps for forces that are not yet able to demonstrate compliance to the Code

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With the largest ISO 17025-accredited labs in Europe behind us, our team can become your team. Manage device queues more effectively; collect and analyse at speed to accelerate time to evidence; handle very high volumes, manage complex investigations. Use us strategically and tactically

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No-one else can offer such breadth and depth of expertise nor match our levels of innovation. So trust us to ‘recover the unrecoverable’; to extract and process data faster and more cost-effectively; negotiate the extreme sensitivities around CSE content; and to keep one step ahead of technological change so that no evidence is ever lost for want of a solution

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