Empower your investigations with our digital forensics tools

Offering a range of proprietary tools to help both technical and non-technical investigators achieve better outcomes faster – from frontline triage to in-lab data exploration.

CCL has developed a range of proprietary forensic tools for use in its own digital forensic labs: they have helped to significantly advance the speed, scale and scope of our forensic services and, tested in the white heat of one of Europe’s largest investigative facilities, they are routinely proven and regularly enhanced.

The ambition for each digital forensic tool has always been to make that quantum leap, not just a marginal gain; to make collection and examination faster, easier, smarter, more cost-effective – without any compromise in quality, integrity and defensibility.

We offer these forensic products for direct sale and via an international Reseller channel.

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Spektor products

The SPEKTOR suite is today’s technology of choice for optimal forensic acquisition in the field. Comprising Ultra, Drive and Kiosk options it has been designed specifically to support non-technical investigators to rapidly preserve and automatically examine data stored on computers and mass storage devices.

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Cascade logo

Cascade is at the forefront of forensic automation software. It allows you to automate your digital forensic tools and create intelligent workflows - generating better outputs, faster, and with significant time and cost savings.

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Rabbit Hole logo

RabbitHole is the industry’s best-in-class forensic data exploration tool. It enables analysts to drill down into forensic data and effortlessly switch to the optimal view for the data format they are looking at – unlocking greater job throughput and higher quality output.

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