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We live in an era of rapid innovation. Everyday new digital products are released and our ever more connected world means that we are continually faced with entirely new classes of devices. At the same time, new technologies bring with them increased risks and greater opportunities for bad as well as good.

Keeping one step ahead of the rest is a daily challenge: we need to understand how emerging technology fits into the digital evidence landscape, and stay alert to the fast-changing world of cybercrime and corporate risk.

That’s why we have invested heavily in a world-class Centre of Excellence, bringing together technicians, developers, analysts and investigators to drive R&D at pace and scale. We have to match the speed and intelligence of the developments out there: an over-reliance on off-the-shelf tools and techniques can put you behind the curve so we look to our R&D team we to keep us at the very front of the leading edge.

They are highly skilled in undertaking work that is out of the ordinary and outside of the scope of industry standard digital forensic tools. This work includes:

  • extracting and making sense of data from new, unusual or otherwise unsupported devices such as in-vehicle systems and IoT devices
  • providing expert reports and advice on complex technical issues including activity around cryptocurrency and on the dark web
  • finding new ways of presenting large volumes and varieties of digital evidence

Out of our Centre of Excellence have come some brilliant forensic advances. Our library of over 1500 ‘scripts’ has added support for new apps, data sources and file types that would otherwise remain un-investigated; while we have also designed game-changing proprietary solutions for use in digital investigations that go way beyond what is commercially available.

Bespoke research projects for clients are another regular output, and this work like the rest all goes to the same end: optimising how we discover, protect and transform data, and securing our status as your trusted data partner.

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