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“Unfortunately for many police forces and law enforcement agencies, backlogs of digital forensic work are an uncomfortable reality. Operational pressures, resourcing issues, budgetary constraints are all conspiring against timely processing; and as the works keeps coming in, it can be extremely difficult to get on top of the situation. The bigger the backlog, the bigger the risk obviously, so we see the new service as an excellent opportunity for clients to take back control.”

Director of Operations, Darren Powney

CCL’s Digital Forensics unit is the largest ISO 17025 accredited facility in Europe with 80 analysts. It has a 20+ year track record of supporting law enforcement in the UK, with its meticulous data recovery and analysis key to thousands of successful major crime investigations in that time.

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Our queue management service covers:

  • Scoping: call with operations manager to establish work volumes and required outputs
  • Development of a forensic strategy: identification of deliverables with a Work Instruction to specify your requirements, leading to fixed price quotations within 72hrs
  • Project phase: lab-based and/or on-site forensic services with weekly reporting
  • Final outputs: full digital forensic package comprising investigative strategy, data acquisition, analysis and reporting; or acquisition of data from target device and return to investigator for review and reporting

Additional services:

  • Ability to conduct complex examinations and/or research and development to confirm or refute evidence.
  • Call-off style managed service where CCL teams can come back in at very short notice to tackle smaller backlogs or to keep everything on the shelf within a certain date parameter older than three months.
Managed service

Those resources are now available for rapid remediation projects – completed in a set timeframe and at a fixed cost. Managing your queue through the smart leveraging of CCL's resources is a sure way of keeping up with demand. Police forces and agencies can clear their shelves and keep them that way by invoking the service on-demand under a retainer, call-off style agreement.


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