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Pioneers in digital forensics, digital investigation and cyber security across Europe.

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Working in support of regulatory bodies, our long track record and deep domain expertise, backed by comprehensive accreditation and strict evidential handling protocols, provide the foundation you can rely on.

We are committed to aiding your investigations, ensuring more effective outcomes, and protecting critical systems and intellectual property, aligning with your mandate to uphold standards and ensure compliance.

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In a world where data and devices are proliferating rapidly, CCL stands as your steadfast partner in governance, ensuring effective and timely responses to increasing complaints and enquiries. Our frontline forensics teams and on-demand lab capacity seamlessly integrate with your operations, lightening the load in processing and investigation.

Additionally, our cyber services team brings technical rigour to post-breach scenarios and complex cyber challenges, enhancing your organisational resilience with expert penetration testing.

Three reasons why CCL are the right choice for regulators

CCL Size

Responsive expertise for your unique needs

Rely on our extensive team of over 100 analysts and consultants for swift, expert responses to your complex, large-scale needs. We're equipped to handle your most demanding requests, delivering rapid and precise results.

CCL Scope

All in one solution for comprehensive support

When you need a single, trusted source for complete digital forensics, investigations, and cyber security, look no further. Our vast capabilities under one roof ensure you have access to a wide range of expert solutions.

CCL Standards

Proven excellence in service standards

Our services are anchored in years of experience with ISO 17025, CHECK, and CREST accreditations, ensuring compliance and excellence. Trust in our process-driven approach that upholds the highest standards of quality and integrity.

With an established track record, our expertise in digital evidence collection and analysis is trusted by financial and industry regulators, civil authorities, charities, and sporting bodies alike. Central to investigations of conduct and compliance, our work informs critical enforcement actions, ensuring thorough and effective regulatory compliance in a complex digital landscape.

Overcoming your challenges

At CCL, we specialise in recovering, processing, reviewing, and protecting data for your regulatory body. Acting as either a primary resource or a supportive backup, our services cater to a wide array of needs, including:

Investigation units

Crime units

Compliance teams

Criminal enforcement teams

General Counsel

In-house digital forensic teams

With extensive experience working with clients such as HMRC, the Insolvency Service, Food Standards Agency, The FA, RFU, British Horseracing Authority, and the RSPCA, we deeply understand the unique challenges within the regulatory sector.

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We're adept at navigating the nuances of regulatory obligations, addressing common pain points, and efficiently managing budget constraints. Partner with us to achieve more, efficiently and effectively, in your crucial regulatory role.

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