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Increased efficiency, accelerated job throughput, reduced costs.

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Go further

Process and report on the data other tools can’t reach with RabbitHole, without the need for scripting and coding.

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Drill down into data

Working seamlessly to understand data embedded in other data, with no need to export between different software.

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Save time

An intelligent, intuitive experience - more time to work with the data, less time spent wrangling with the tools.

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Invest in a single tool with no need to validate multiple tools for multiple file formats.

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With RabbitHole you can dig through data that may otherwise remain undiscovered. Easily switching to the optimal view for the data format you want.

How does RabbitHole work?

RabbitHole works by combining an expanding range of data format viewers into a single interface. It introduces the concept of ‘Reparsing’ – letting users take some or all of the data from one view and reparse it into a new, more appropriate format, all within the same tool.

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Supported Data Types

  • ABX (Android Binary XML)
  • Base64
  • Bencode
  • Binary Deobfuscation
  • Brotli Compression
  • Chromium/Electron: IndexedDb
  • Chromium/Electron: Local Storage
  • Chromium/Electron: Session Storage
  • Compound/OLE File
  • Deflate Compression Algorithm
  • Encode Text to Bytes
  • Entropy Calculator
  • Epoch Time
  • Facebook Serialisation
  • Flat Buffer
  • GZip Compression
  • Hash
  • Hex Text
  • Hex View
  • HTML
  • Image View
  • Java Serialization Stream
  • JSON
  • LevelDb
  • LZFSE Compression
  • MessagePack
  • Mozilla LZ4 Compression
  • Plist (Binary)
  • Plist (Text/XML)
  • PM Records
  • Protocol Buffer
  • Snappy Compression
  • SQLite
  • String View
  • Text Processor
  • Text View
  • URL
  • URL Encoded String
  • Windows Registry
  • XML
  • Zlib Compression

System requirements Windows 10 or higher .NET framework 4.8

Don’t forget the key benefits

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Increased efficiency

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Reduced cost

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Accelerated job throughput

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Faster time to better results

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