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Regulators and governing bodies know that building a picture and making a case is data dependent. It’s typically core to every type of enquiry, from non-compliance to enforcement action, cruelty to safety, professional standards to personal misconduct. Investigation units and compliance officers depend on their ability to recover and review data from target custodians; to pull together the digital leads that will inform their investigation; and demonstrate the highest levels of evidential integrity.

It’s those teams that CCL is supporting every day: not only with the breadth of our digital forensics solution, but also our depth of resource, experience in the sector and law enforcement background. Thanks to our work for clients such as HMRC, the Insolvency Service, Food Standards Agency, The FA, RFU, British Horseracing Authority and the RSPCA, we’re well set to solve the challenges and pain points around data collections.

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Does this sound familiar?

Worried about non-compliance and need solid digital evidence?

Uneasy about your in-house capability to respond and recover data?

Searching for dependable digital data to bolster your enforcement actions?

Choosing CCL is about more than just data collection. We offer regulatory bodies the manpower and expertise they often lack. Our reports are clear, straightforward, and backed by precise forensic analysis.

With our support, you have a robust foundation for your regulatory investigations, ensuring you're well-equipped to take effective action.

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Why choosing the right forensic partner makes all the difference

CCL has a long track record of involvement in investigatory, compliance and enforcement actions. We are the ‘go-to’ partner for regulators, governing bodies and sporting authorities who need:

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Support for operational days, where our analysts will attend target site(s) to lead or assist with triage, imaging and/or device recovery. We are fully aware of the limitations of regulatory powers and that cooperation is voluntary, and we conduct ourselves accordingly

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A primary digital forensics lab for handling all examination work across networks, Cloud, PC, mobile, smart devices to ISO standards

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A secondary digital forensics lab acting as an overflow or outsourced facility, where device volumes, time constraints or particular expertise require additional ad hoc assistance

We are acutely aware that our work has potentially huge consequences, and that we can be operating in hyper-sensitive environments, or at times of immense jeopardy for organisations. That means open lines of communication, instant team-playing, transparency and accountability are as much a part of the CCL response as forensic quality.

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Our diverse partnerships

Responsibility for investigations and enquiries typically depends on the size and set-up of a regulator or governing body. CCL happily operates as the digital forensics lead for those organisations without in-house capability, or as a partner to larger bodies who need to tap into resources on-demand.

Who we work with

This sees us routinely working in and liaising with:

Investigation units

Crime units

Compliance teams

Criminal enforcement teams

General Counsel

In-house digital forensic teams

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Why regulators choose CCL

Investigations can be complex, pressurised, sensitive, sometimes distressing. We are trusted to take the weight off, with a digital forensics service that gives you exactly what you need.

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Agility & Presence

With the UK's leading analyst team at our beck and call, we're primed to swiftly amplify your frontline forces during operational peaks

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Efficient Recovery

Leveraging top-tier tools, we streamline on-site data recovery, minimize device removals, and curtail business interruptions

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Our capability to dynamically scale, transition roles, and deploy resources ensures you have expertise precisely when and where needed

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Comprehensive Service

Clients enjoy a one-stop digital forensic service, merging efficiency, convenience, and economic benefits. This end-to-end approach ensures robust evidence backed by APCO guidelines and the FSR's Code of Practice

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