July 4, 2022

Cell Site Q&A #2

The second in our Q&A series with CCL's cell site experts and this time it's their thoughts on the sector's biggest challenges right now

CCL has one of the largest, and best regarded team of cell site analysts in the UK. They are regularly involved in delivering expert evidence in court and their work and testimony are often cited by police investigation teams as playing a pivotal role in securing convictions.
With cell site continuing to evolve and mature as a forensic science, against the backdrop of a fast-changing technological world, we thought the occasional Q&A drop-in with the team would be useful.

For each one we ask the same question across the team and bring you the best of the answers.

In Q&A#2, we get less a range of views more a unanimity of opinion, indicative of where the cell site concerns are right now. 

We asked:

“What do you consider the biggest challenges within cell site today?“
Brian Edwards:

“The lack of accreditation for cell site means that there is always a risk that analysts are put into the position of giving opinion evidence for which they may not be qualified.”
Laurence Morgan:

“The lack of accreditation is a valid concern. Cell site analysis is being undertaken by analysts/digital media investigators and tendered in evidence, when it is not within their remit to do so. There needs to be clear direction.”

Matt Tart:

 “Appropriate expert skills and the understanding to provide meaningful opinion evidence are apparently lacking from almost the entire industry. Our customers can also be our competitors, and many do not seemingly comply with requirements in CrimPD, the Codes or how to approach safe inference. Elsewhere, the networks are constantly changing with the phasing out of 2G/3G and introduction of 5G: we have to run quickly to stand still.“

Stuart Preston:

“The lack of accreditation within cell site can lead to less experienced individuals giving opinions on cell site data, without the necessary background and knowledge in the field of telecoms.

The continual advances in the telecoms environment means it is essential that any expert is up to date with the latest advances and deployment within the telecoms industry.

Changes in regulations and accreditation will, in my opinion, ensure that the right people, with the relevant experience and expertise, are the ones giving evidence when it comes to cell site analysis.”

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