CCL has developed a range of proprietary tools that it sells direct and via an overseas reseller channel. The ambition for each has always been to make that quantum leap, not just a marginal gain; to make data-related tasks faster, easier, more cost-effective, and the outcomes far more robust and higher quality. Leading the way is CCL’s SPEKTOR, today’s technology of choice for optimal forensic acquisition in the field.

The SPEKTOR product range has been designed specifically to support non-technical investigators to rapidly preserve and automatically examine data stored on computers and mass storage devices.

Since its launch it has set new standards for digital forensic triage at the frontline:-

  • Collect in minutes
  • In-situ instant search
  • Powerful review
  • Process driven
  • Forensically and evidentially accepted

The device family has been built on portability, functionality and ease of use. Led by the class-leading rugged Ultra and compact Drive appliances, SPEKTOR drives operational velocity in even the most taxing, pressurised conditions.

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Cascade is a scalable, client-server architecture combining SPEKTOR triage technology with policy-driven automated processing logic

It’s a digital forensic workflow solution designed to accelerate and streamline the investigation process. For labs that cannot always economically scale their in-house forensic investigations or cope effectively with burst demand caused by major incidents or national tasking, Cascade can be invaluable.

Together SPEKTOR and Cascade offer a means to:

  • Reduce the number of processing steps between seizure and review
  • Eliminate unnecessary forensic imaging, reducing workload and storage costs
  • Automate delivery of preliminary results for review by investigating officers
  • Release forensic analysts from processing high volume, low impact casework
  • Reduce costs and dependency on outsourcing high volume, low impact processing
  • Provide a low cost ability to cope with high volume ‘burst demand’

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