Brought into the CCL Solutions Group in 2019, Evidence Talks leads the world in forensics for the frontline - its SPEKTOR triage technology unlocks high-speed data acquisition as a mobile service and delivers actionable intelligence for fast-moving investigations.

CCL has developed a range of proprietary tools that it sells direct and via an overseas reseller channel. The ambition for each has always been to make that quantum leap, not just a marginal gain; to make data-related tasks faster, easier, more cost-effective, and the outcomes far more robust and higher quality.

Leading the way are SPEKTOR, today’s technology of choice for optimal forensic acquisition in the field; powerful forensic automation software, Cascade; and RabbitHole, the best-in-class forensic data exploration tool.

The SPEKTOR product range – Ultra, Drive and Kiosk - has been designed specifically to support non-technical investigators to rapidly preserve and automatically examine data stored on computers and mass storage devices.

It has set new standards for digital forensic triage at the frontline, transforming the operational velocity, quality and efficacy of collection and analysis in the field.

    • Easy to use - No complex configuration work needed on-site, no specialists needed to operate it.
    • Quick to deploy – Get to site, get collecting, get ahead.
    • Rapid results – Ultra-fast collection and smart analysis capabilities give you evidential insights on the spot.
    • Cost-effective – Speed, ease and defensibility of SPEKTOR-enabled collections makes for streamlined, efficient working.
    • Reduced risk – Improved chances of catching all that data that matters.
    SPEKTOR Drive brochure

    The SPEKTOR device family has been built on portability, functionality and ease of use, with options for all scenarios and environments:

    • the class-leading Ultra, a rugged tablet designed and built to perform in the field
    • the compact Drive, a bootable USB stick that can turn a PC or Mac into a fully functional SPEKTOR appliance
    • the PC-based Kiosk, a desktop solution geared to offices, labs, evidence suites, border control points
    SPEKTOR Kiosk brochure

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    Cascade Forensic Automation is all about accelerating investigations. It’s a scalable solution that allows you to automate your forensic tools and create intelligent workflows - generating better outputs, faster, and with significant time and cost savings.

    By combining SPEKTOR triage technology with policy driven automated processing logic, Cascade can:

    • Increase process efficiency - Eliminate unnecessary forensic imaging and analysis, reduce storage costs, speed up decisions and delivery of preliminary results for review
    • Free up valuable resources - Automate the high volume, low impact casework allowing your skilled analysts to focus on the complex, higher value, more rewarding work
    • Reduce outsourcing requirement - Scale up your labs’ capability to cope with high volume ‘burst demand’ and scale back dependency on external providers
    Key features
    • ‘No touch’ delivery - Completely automate delivery of preliminary results for review by investigating officer
    • Product agnostic - Handle popular 3rd party forensic tools using intelligent workflows and supports industry standards like CAID
    • Policy triggers - Trigger events based on processing results. Pause for review or skip to next step automatically and create continual and comprehensive audit logs
    • Smart processing - Process multiple exhibits simultaneously using different tools and different workflows, driving productivity up and costs down

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    RabbitHole allows analysts to drill down into forensic data and effortlessly switch to the optimal view for the data format they are looking at. It saves time but also enables analysts to understand the results they get better and faster – all of which translates into greater job throughput and higher quality output.

    • Process and report on the data that other tools don’t process, without the need for scripting or coding.
    • Drill down into data seamlessly, and understand data embedded in other data, with no requirement to export between different tools.
    • Enjoy an intelligent, user-centric experience – more time to work with the data, less time spent wrangling with the tools.
    • Invest in one complete tool, avoiding the need to find, curate and validate multiple tools for multiple file formats.
    RabbitHole Brochure

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