Phishing Assessments

Test both technical defences and staff awareness levels

Build in regular assessments to cope with constantly evolving phishing techniques

Follow up with appropriate remediation around physical IT security and/or end user training

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It’s estimated that 85% of cyber security breaches involve some form of human element – we are the first line of defence and increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks aim to get past our people to gain a foothold in our networks.

CCL’s Phishing Assessment aims to reduce the chances of hackers gaining access to sensitive information or delivering malware, such as ransomware. It can be designed to meet precise requirements, simulating what would happen in the event of a phishing, spear phishing or whaling attack.

And what makes us different? It’s not just the quality of this one service, it’s the calibre of every solution and everyone on the team that together will help keep you cyber safe – efficiently, expertly and cost-effectively.

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What to expect

A clear lens on the threats and risks to your systems and staff

Services tailored to each client’s needs and requirements

Price certainty from the outset, multi assessments per year negotiable

Affordable, repeatable and light-touch service to sustain strong cyber posture

Comprehensive reports with clear intelligence and pragmatic guidance from both technical and end user perspectives

A logical complement to our Physical Social Engineering Assessment

We're a trusted partner

All consultants security cleared and certified under CREST, Tiger Scheme or Cyber Scheme

A cyber specialist rooted in standards – ISO 27001, ISO 9001, CEH, IASME, CREST, CHECK

Our accreditations

For further details take a look at our service leaflet

If you are interested in this Phishing Assessment service download the flyer here.

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