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Cyber security is key to safeguarding intellectual property, continuity, reputation and shareholder value – and our team comprises some of the UK's best cyber talent. We are available to provide support when you need it for Penetration Testing, Red Teaming and Cyber Investigations.

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Your ‘go-to’ cyber partner

There are two reasons why CCL is increasingly the ‘go-to’ partner for public and private sector organisations wanting the best in cyber protection:

The breadth and depth of technical know how within a resident team that has worked at the highest levels of the intelligence and security communities as well as across highly regulated industries.

The overlay of project management and client liaison skills that ensure we deliver operationally and commercially for clients as well as technically.

Strengthening your defence

Ours is a comprehensive service suite built on quality, rigour and some great minds. We take responsibility end-to-end – and give you reassurance at every step.

CHECK accredited penetration testing leads the line – stringently executed, meticulously managed, gold standard projects that pick up on all the detail without overburdening the client.

Red Teaming throws a crucial light on your security posture in both technical and human capital targets. As a target, we don’t just make you less attractive to bad actors, we make it really ugly for them.

A complementary suite of specific prevention and threat awareness solutions, grounded in technical, environmental and social factors.

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Taking back control

Breaches happen even in the best regulated environments and when they do, CCL’s role is to give clients certainty out of an uncertain situation so they can take back control.

Our highly skilled cyber investigation team deploys to give clients a ready understanding of what has happened, why it happened, what losses have been incurred and what the consequent exposure is.

Typical projects feature containing and mitigating employee-targeted threats including phishing emails, malware outbreaks, ransomware, confidential device loss/theft, or network perimeter penetration.

Helping you help yourself

All of CCL’s operations are rooted in the highest standards, from ISO 17025 for digital forensics to CHECK and CREST for cyber. We have a long pedigree of knowledge transfer and advisory work around accreditations, and our Security & Accreditation Consulting is a key part of our cyber offering.

Certification Body for both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

End-to-end delivery of Information Security Management (ISM) frameworks.

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Our cyber accreditations

Clients that put their trust in us

We're here to help

Our experts are on hand to learn about your organisation and suggest the best approach to meet your needs. Contact us today.

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