Cyber Security
When it comes to data, CCL doesn't just look for it or look at it - we look after it too. Cyber security is key to safeguarding intellectual property, continuity and reputation, and our proactive protections are underpinned by a highly evolved Incident Response offering.

Our currencies are confidence and trust. You can be reassured that security experts will observe your systems and networks, identify weaknesses, analyse attack patterns, and respond with insight so that together we can mitigate threats and minimise risks.

We keep everyone on the front foot, helping you build a picture of potential vulnerabilities to address, with seasoned professionals on hand to respond to and contain any live incident.

Penetration Testing

Our CHECK and CREST accredited penetration testing services will give you the confidence and certainty that you have taken the right steps to manage your security risk. It's a collective effort to ensure that together we can mitigate the potential cost and reputational damage associated with a breach.

Our team is not just expert, it is thorough. We can help you test new and existing applications and external facing systems including websites, with full recommendations and urgent remediation actions where issues are detected.

We can also provide evidence and credentials of your security posture in support of accreditations or if demanded by your supply chain.

Secure Code Review

The devil is in the detail, and that's never truer than in coding. Our highly specialised coding review group brings technology and know-how to the task of identifying security vulnerabilities in application code for new and legacy applications.

We look further, deeper and harder to find and then eliminate errors in the codebase that could give a cybercriminal a way in, effectively shutting the door.

Broader reviews can encompass system and application architecture, with a drill down into security design flaws and best practice infringements.

There's also a natural synergy between code reviews and web application testing, where we work to identify both internal and external weaknesses.

Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials plus

CCL is a Certification Body for both the Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations. Gaining such accreditation is an essential precursor for businesses intending to work with the public sector, and a demonstration of cyber and data security awareness and procedures.

Cyber Essentials - Complete the self-assessment questionnaire and receive external approval from our accredited assessors. We support you through this process and provide guidance on your compliance requirements, working with a clear digital framework that will set you on your cyber defence journey.

Cyber Essentials Plus - Meet the same requirements as the standard Cyber Essentials certification, and in addition, receive a fully independent onsite assessment and audit from CCL to verify the technical security controls you have in place.

Let us help put your business on a sound footing to gain future accreditations and unlock new business potential.

Security Consultancy

Our deep domain expertise, gained across multiple sectors, is there to be tapped into. As well as our set services, we undertake tailored consulting engagements, with particular strengths in highly sensitive or confidential environments.

Security is much more than hardware and software; understanding organisational structure, operational process and user behaviour are just as critical to our ability to design, implement and embed effective security governance that keeps your business, your data and your reputation safe.

Where you have specific compliance requirements, CCL Group can offer advice, guidance and implementation assistance for a wide range of popular Information Security Management (ISM) frameworks.

Incident Investigation

When it comes to security breaches, we are your first emergency service. Our incident response capability is designed to limit cost and reputational damage, with rapid containment and causal analysis.

We help you put right the immediate wrong with the option to undertake a further in-depth review to build a fuller risk picture, mapping out the necessary steps to eliminate weaknesses.

Typical projects feature containing and mitigating employee-targeted threats including phishing emails, malware outbreak, ransomware or a breach of your external facing systems.

Our aim is to always take decisive action to minimise the negative outcomes of any incident, and more importantly, to improve a client's secure posture as part of the 'clean up' operation.

Managed SOC

As cyber threats and operational risks grow exponentially, so does the pressure on organisations to maintain a strong security posture. But it is such a specialist, fast-paced domain that increasingly those organisations are looking to outsource responsibility - to bring in real expertise and industrial-grade protections in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

CCL’s Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) gives you that technical competence, cost certainty and partnership confidence. We have invested heavily over the years to develop one of the UK’s most advanced security information and event management units - the flip side of being able to find data is we also know how to protect it.

We can undertake the complete cyber security brief or work hand-in-hand with your own staff, ensuring you benefit from:

  • Lower costs
  • Faster response
  • Quicker remediation
  • Reduced risk
  • Up-to-date expertise
  • Best-in-class processes
  • Latest technology
  • 24/7 monitoring and allied services eg penetration testing, threat intelligence

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