Secure Code Review

Combine manual review with automated code review tools to ensure comprehensive coverage

Look further, deeper and harder to find and then eliminate errors in the code base, shutting the door on cyber criminals

Extend audit process out to encompass system and application architecture

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The devil is in the detail, and that's never truer than in coding. Our highly specialised coding review group brings technology and know-how to the task of identifying security vulnerabilities in application code for new and legacy applications.

We involve human intelligence to find flaws in application logic, security design, structure and best practice that may go unnoticed with just an automated tool.

There's also a natural synergy between code reviews and web application testing, where we work to identify both internal and external weaknesses.

CCL laptop

What to expect

A clear lens on the threats and risks within the code base

Automated and manual line by line code review

Session handling, business logic review

External vulnerability assessment of Internet-facing systems

Extensive experience across public and private sector IT stacks

Option to extend out review capabilities

Price certainty from the outset

We're a trusted partner

All consultants security cleared and certified under CREST, Tiger Scheme or Cyber Scheme

A cyber specialist rooted in standards – ISO 27001, ISO 9001, CEH, IASME, CREST, CHECK

Our accreditations

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