Penetration Testing

Identify potential vulnerabilities in the target’s IT fabric within a short time frame

Gain actionable insight into the threat landscape and the basis for rapid remediation.

Use in tandem with complementary Red Teaming to double down on your cyber protections

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Penetration testing (pen testing) is a staple of effective cyber security protection and a perfect complement to CCL’s Red Teaming service. Whereas Red Teaming is a more holistic, ‘covert’ assessment covering systems, process and people, pen testing is more ‘overt’ and focused on systems.

Our skills, integrity and smooth project management are welcomed as a critical line of defence when it comes to pre-empting and preventing bad actors and malicious threats.  

And what makes us different? If you take cyber smarts as read, what really stands out is that client-oriented interface: the project managers who are the go-betweens, technical translators and orchestrators of every engagement.

CCL laptop

What to expect

A clear lens on the threats and risks to your systems

Testing tailored to each client’s needs

Comprehensive reports providing detailed information and remediation advice

Adjusted risk ratings based on contextual information

Price certainty from the outset

Multiple tests per year negotiable

We're a trusted partner

All consultants security cleared and certified under CREST, Tiger Scheme or Cyber Scheme

A cyber specialist rooted in standards – ISO 27001, ISO 9001, CEH, IASME, CREST, CHECK

“I have recently been welcomed into the CCL family and have appreciated how easy they have made my transition from the public sector. From the top of management through to all its employees and my team, there is friendship and teamwork. Everyone works together for a common purpose. “

Laurence Morgan - Cell Site Expert

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