How 8 million items were reviewed in 12 weeks

CCL were engaged by a law enforcement client involved in an extensive international money-laundering operation two years in the making. The ability to rapidly process vast volumes of data from a wide range of devices and make them available to the case team for review resulted in charges being brought against several defendants.

The Challenge:

After the search warrants co-ordinated search and seizures across several continents, 70 exhibits, a myriad of mobile devices and computers were submitted to CCL, and it was clear a different approach to the analysis of these devices was necessary due to the sizeable amount of electronic devices for subsequent examination.

Our Approach:

Given the number and variety of devices, it was decided that the Nuix software would be used to process the forensic images (copies) of the exhibits, including the recovery of deleted files and carving data from unallocated space, to ensure all material was extracted from them in preparation of analysis.

Following processing, over 8 million reviewable items were identified consisting of e-mails, documents, text messages, photographs and more. At this stage it was decided the case team would be best-placed to review the material, as they had been working on the investigation for two years prior to the exhibits’ seizure.

CCL therefore deployed a Nuix review suite consisting of a server and four terminals into their offices. This enabled the team, consisting of experienced officers, financial investigators and intelligence analysts to search and identify the evidence required.

The Outcome:

The case team were able to use advanced features within Nuix, such as, near-duplicate analysis and combined searching, to identify documents associated with the trail of laundered cash. They completed their initial review within twelve weeks and were able to identify sufficient evidence to secure a charge against several of the defendants, as well as maintaining all information about the provenance and origin of the files.

The client has since engaged CCL to deploy three similar review suites across the country to facilitate the review of material in various investigations.