June 19, 2024

Aiming higher

CCL is best known as Europe’s largest ISO 17025 accredited digital forensics lab, serving law enforcement and private sector clients. But we are also proud to be one of the leading providers of teaching and work experience for those in higher education.

We’ve already designed and delivered the content for Cranfield University’s Digital Forensics MSc; and we have extensive training and competency materials to draw on to tailor courses to the needs of undergraduates as well as post-graduates. We can build modules to suit across both computer and mobile forensics, with the addition of specialisms such as advanced extraction and cell site analysis if desired.

A recent assignment - a 12-week custom module focusing on mobile device forensics for Birmingham City University – went down incredibly well with both students and the BCU course leader.

Here’s some of the great feedback we received.

Student quotes:

“Having industry professionals who work on real cases with the newest technologies gave us a real insight into carrying out digital forensics investigations. It was a great opportunity where I learnt a huge range of investigative techniques involving a variety of phones and operating systems.”

“I really enjoyed the guest lectures from the professionals at CCL Group. They were informative, interesting and up to date with practical learning scattered throughout that was really effective.”

“I found the experience incredibly valuable. It introduced me to the world of digital forensics in a way that traditional classroom teaching simply couldn't.”

“I found it so inspiring to learn from so many experts from CCL.  Each shared their professional insights and perspectives based on the various different types of cases that they investigated – I’m so excited about working in digital forensics after finishing my degree.”

Course Leader’s quote:

“Having leading industry experts like the team at CCL deliver module subject matter and shaping assessment strategies has greatly enriched the learning experience for students. Incorporating industry-focused assessments ensures students are better prepared for the demands of their future careers in the digital forensics field."

“Having direct access to industry experts has provided students with invaluable insights into the complexities of handling sensitive cases, offering a unique opportunity to prepare for the challenging yet rewarding aspects of their prospective careers in digital forensics."

“The abundance of real-life examples from criminal and civil cases explored in digital forensics has allowed students to grasp the breadth and depth of their future work, making a meaningful impact on their understanding of the field.”

Shahid Shabbir, Senior Lecturer, BCU

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