January 30, 2024

An expert deep-dive on data formats

CCL has added a new course to its training roster – Data Formats in Depth.

The three-day course, which can take place at a customer’s premises or at our Stratford-on-Avon offices, aims to equip digital forensics professionals with an in-depth understanding of the wide range of file and data formats encountered during their investigations.

Delivered by Principal Analyst Alex Caithness, the topics covered include:

  • A refresher on binary encoding of numerical and textual data used in the formats covered, and more.
  • A discussion of how data is arranged in an abstract sense; tips for identifying the formats and how to approach reporting on them.
  • For each of the data formats covered - SQLite, XML, JSON, LevelDB, Property Lists, Protocol Buffers, ensuring analysts can:
    • Provide a historical context for the format, why it was created and where it is used.
    • Describe its physical and logical structure.
    • Provide precise and unambiguous methods for describing the structure of the data and the location of artefacts of interest.
    • Compare relative strengths, weaknesses and potential risks of tools available to view, process and report on the data formats.
    • Explore approaches (and feasibility) for recovery of deleted data.

For more information and to book you can check out the course flyer here.

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