July 13, 2023

Case Work: Highlighting the value of CCL's cell site surveys to rapidly developing investigations

The latest in our Case Work series demonstrates why CCL’s cell site surveying capabilities are so critical to effective and cost-efficient criminal investigations

CCL Team: Cell Site
CCL Expert: Dr Iain Brodie
Client: West Midlands Police
Case: Murder


The initial submission for Operation Guy involved a cell site analysis in relation to two phones both attributed to one suspect to see if their data was in keeping with having been at the scene of a murder which occurred in March 2020 in Coventry.

As the analysis progressed Dr Brodie was requested to consider the potential involvement of another suspect’s phone in the murder and subsequent disposal of the getaway vehicle by arson.

Shortly afterwards he was asked to also include a further two suspects and their phones in relation to the supply of the getaway vehicle; and then further phones were added to the analysis in relation to the conspiracy.

Ultimately, the cell site analysis report comprised ten phones attributed to seven suspects with 17 key locations across Coventry, Warwick and Stratford. Dr Brodie was able to demonstrate that the cell site data was in keeping with the relevant phones’ presence in areas that included the murder scene, where the getaway vehicle was acquired, and even the petrol station where the petrol to ignite the getaway vehicle was purchased.

The ability to seamlessly include additional phones into the analysis without incurring additional costs was facilitated by our state-of-the-art survey equipment and specialist capabilities and databases. Having sampled all networks and technologies at the time of the original survey we already held that data and were able to analyse it immediately.


At court six of the seven defendants were found guilty of involvement in some capacity and were sentenced to a total of over 40 years.

Client Feedback:

“The service you provide is excellent: you were very flexible and amenable to all the last-minute changes requested by the QC which I can only thank you for.”

Press report available here.

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