September 15, 2022

CCL releases RabbitHole 2.2 with support for more data formats

Everyone's 'go-to' forensic data exploration tool has just had another upgrade, with 40 data types and utilities now supported

CCL Solutions Group has released a further update to its RabbitHole forensic data exploration software, with 40 data formats and utilities now supported.

RabbitHole - the tool ‘that picks up where other tools leave off’ - allows analysts to drill down into data and switch to the optimal view for the data format they are looking at, saving time and accelerating insights.  

RabbitHole 2.2 offers new features including:

- Automatic Data Type Detection - When you open a file or reparse data, RabbitHole works in the background to detect the format and highlights the most likely formats in the user interface – helping analysts navigate sometimes unfamiliar data types with greater speed and confidence.

- ABX reparser for viewing Android Binary XML artefacts on Android 12+

- Updates to the Chromium IndexedDB reparser to support a wider range of data types and changes to the format

- LZFSE Compression reparser

- MessagePack reparser

Version 2.2 also gets a significant performance upgrade for LevelDB, and all formats based on LevelDB.

CCL’s Principal Analyst and RabbitHole’s Lead Developer Alex Caithness comments: “Over the past two years RabbitHole has quickly established itself as the ‘go-to’ tool for analysts looking to accelerate investigations. With every incremental release, we’re trying to increase levels not just of efficiency but enjoyment too, encouraging analysts to do their best work. Anyone who isn’t familiar with RabbitHole but would like to look into it can now get a free 30-day trial of the latest version.”

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