June 5, 2024

CCL releases significant RabbitHole upgrade helping users understand and report on more data than ever before

CCL Solutions Group has released a major upgrade of its RabbitHole forensic data exploration software. Representing a step-change in the core functionality of the tool is the inclusion of the new ‘Runs’ automation feature, with its promise of generating ‘more data, better information, faster than ever’.

Runs are RabbitHole's no-code method for automating multiple data parsing processes across a file (or multiple files) based upon the understanding of their structure gained through exploring the data in RabbitHole. Multiple processing stages can be applied to a file in a few clicks, or multiple files can be batch processed at once, all without needing to write a single line of code.

Lead developer Alex Caithness explains: “RabbitHole has always been all about making it as fast and intuitive as possible to dig down into data and gain an understanding of how that data works, so that you can report on the forensic evidence found within.  

“In RabbitHole 2.3, the addition of ‘Runs’ lets you take your understanding of the data and transform it into an automatable process: it can be used to parse and report upon data spanning multiple records within a file, and across multiple files, turning RabbitHole into something akin to a visual scripting environment for Forensic Artefacts. It unlocks a whole new level of speed, efficiency and insight, helping you get much more out of your data in less time than ever.”

Additional improvements to RabbitHole 2.3 include:

  • SEGB reparser – SEGB files (formerly known as ‘Biome’ files) are often used as ‘binary log files’ for a range of system artefacts on Apple operating systems.
  • Hex viewer enhancements – users can now interpret length and offset values in the data and automatically bookmark or jump to relevant parts of the data.
  • UX refresh – a number of reparsers have been given new, cleaner user interfaces and functionality tweaks:
    • Compound/OLE
    • Binary De-obfuscation
    • Epoch Timestamps
    • HTML
    • Text Processor

RabbitHole was recently described by well-known examiner and Digital Forensics Now podcast host Alexis ‘Brigs’ Brignoni as ‘the viewer of the present and the future’. With the release of version 2.3, CCL has made a substantial investment in that future and in the ability of analysts to extract much more in far less time.

To mark the release, CCL is making a number of commercial offers to existing users and new customers, with free upgrades and a range of discounts for individual and site licences. It will also be retaining the 30-day free trial offer so analysts can ‘try before they buy’.

For more information contact sales@cclsolutionsgroup.com or visit RabbitHole.

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