February 7, 2024

CCL tools play role in latest Dstl project

Dstl has issued the latest edition of its Digital Forensics Bulletin, addressing artefacts related to AI image generation services.

We’ve worked closely with Dstl in recent times and we’re delighted to learn that the project team have used some of our software in the study.

'The scope of the work was limited to online AI platforms. Craiyon, DALL·E 2, Dream by WOMBO and DreamStudio were chosen based on their popularity and cost (paid and free versions).

User actions that would be required to create images were reproduced within Windows 10 Virtual Machines (VMs) with analysis focusing on browser (Chrome), Operating System (OS) and File System (FS) artefacts alongside the generated image files themselves.

A range of tools were used in the analysis including AXIOM, Autopsy, RabbitHole and X-ways alongside scripts from CCL.’

Click here to view more.

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