March 22, 2023

Doctors in the house

We're celebrating the news that our cell site expert Matt Tart has been awarded his doctorate - though he's not the first doctor in the house!

CCL is delighted to announce that one of its cell site experts, Matt Tart, has been awarded his doctorate. Congratulations, Dr Matt Tart!

Matt is already regarded as one of the leading academics and practitioners in his field and his doctorate  - “Forensic Inference from Telecommunication Records” – brings together published research some of which is even commended by the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. The papers form much of the academic peer-reviewed foundation for Cell Site Analysis as a legitimate scientific discipline in its own right.

Matt has taken a leading role in the industry when it comes to the assessment and expression of uncertainty, the validity of methods and the use of inference models to provide scientifically and legally legitimate opinion focussed on being robust, balanced, transparent and logical. His contribution to the development of cell site analysis as a trusted forensic science has been immense.

His is an amazing achievement, but Matt actually isn’t the first doctor in the house! His cell site colleague Dr Iain Brodie got there first and we think it’s safe to say that no other cell site team has two doctors on staff. Interesting fun fact about Iain – he was in the room in the BT research facility when their first ever text message was sent 30 years ago.

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