May 13, 2024

From East Africa to Eastside!

Just to evidence that CCL’s training footprint is truly global, days after the conclusion of a program to law enforcement in Tanzania came the successful completion of a course to students at Eastside’s Birmingham City University (BCU).

Called in by BCU to augment its digital forensics teaching, and headed up by mobile lab operations manager Richard Walker, we delivered a Mobile Device Forensics module over 12 weeks. Drawing on our existing extensive training and competency material Richard built a bespoke curriculum for BCU undergraduates; this included theory, quality, technical and practical sessions on all mobile device technologies and those linked to mobile device forensics (for example, cellsite networks, IoT and PC analysis). Coming from a working lab environment, Richard also offered that precious insider knowledge, sharing case experiences that added valuable ‘real-world’ insight to the learning.

Commenting on the growing demand for training services around the world, CCL CEO Noel McMenamin said: “With our depth of experience and resources, we have been able to respond to a significant uptick in requests and deliver programs for an expansive range of audiences, from overseas judiciary at one end to the analysts of tomorrow at the other. Two decades as a commercial digital forensics provider, our ISO 17025 pedigree and the more recent Digital Forensics MSc partnership with Cranfield University have all contributed to our teaching credentials - and we remain fully committed to enhancing education and capability building in the years ahead.”

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