November 13, 2023

Going down the RabbitHole with Brigs and Heather

Our cutting-edge digital forensics tool RabbitHole has been featured on Digital Forensics Now podcast

Most mainstream digital forensics tools are ‘artefact-focused' – they know about a set of digital artefacts, where to look for them and how to turn them into useful information if they are found; but these tools can’t know about every single artefact, the range and rate of change is simply too fast. This leaves a huge amount of unprocessed data which may be critical to your investigations and therefore requires you to dig deeper, understand it and report upon it.

This unprocessed data could be stored any one of a huge range of data formats, and traditionally each of these formats require a separate specialist tool – with the associated cost and time needed for find, purchase, validate and train in their usage – and these tools aren’t always geared towards digital forensics, often missing features which allow analysts to dig deep, recover deleted data and audit their processes.

And that’s where RabbitHole comes in. It picks up where other tools leave off and deals with this critical, unprocessed data, ensuring analysts can:

  • Find and report on the data that other tools don’t process, without the need for scripting or coding – 40+ supported data types
  • Dig down into data seamlessly, and understand data embedded in other data, with no requirement to export between different tools

RabbitHole has really hit the spot. It’s a popular choice in a digital forensics community that recognises the value of a tool that has been written for examiners by an examiner – Alex Caithness. “He knows how to show what we need to show” was the opinion of Heather Charpentier and Alexis "Brigs" Brignoni on a recent episode of their Digital Forensics Now podcast.

A live demo of the product threw up further plaudits:

"An amazing tool"

"Super awesome"

"It's a breeze"

"The viewer of the present and the future"

Want to make your own mind up?

Then watch Heather and Brigs put RabbitHole through its paces.


And now get your own free 30-day trial here.

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