February 9, 2021

Managed Review and the 5Cs

In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at CCL’s Managed Review service through what we term the ‘Five Cs’ lens - calibre, cost, control, choice and capabilities.

In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at CCL’s Managed Review service through what we term the ‘Five Cs’ lens - calibre, cost, control, choice and capabilities.


First up is calibre of service because ultimately quality of outcome is everything. And we’d like to think that we have developed the optimal scenario.

We’ve taken the classic outsourced offering, with all its inherent efficiencies.  Through a strategic partnership with a Top 100 law firm, we’ve added in review teams selected on ability and legal judgement rather than their availability and pay grade. And overlaid it all with project management and QA processes defined by    Lisa Burton, one of the pioneers of the outsourced managed review concept in the early 2000s and the creator of many of the operating procedures that quickly became industry best practice.

Knit that together and you get quality outcomes at a blisteringly cost-effective price point – up to 70% cheaper than law firm alternatives in some instances. All with absolutely no compromise.


Outsourcing – of anything - has always come with the promise of cost-efficiency. And when managed review became part of the LPO scene in the noughties, it gave corporates and counsel a viable and attractive alternative to reviews conducted by their law firms.

Today, the cost arguments are still compelling, just as long as you get the quality too. In fact, as data volumes have increased – and with them the size of processing/review projects – cost has come ever more sharply into focus.

Taking the review process in isolation for a second, CCL averages a 30% saving on a law firm-run equivalent project. But when coupled with processing too – and that tends to be the default these days – we have been able to demonstrate average savings of 70%.

A quick example in hard numbers: a recent 17TB case. One quote for processing-with-review topped £0.5million! Our winning quote for same - £90K. Achieved not through cutting corners or doing half a job, but through the intelligent leveraging of processing/review platforms in Azure and an optimised LPO model.


Control is a good word, a reassuring word. Our clients want us to be in control because that way lie good outcomes, more confidence, less angst and fewer, and preferably no curve balls.

As noted above, CCL’s Managed Review service is driven by Lisa Burton, an ediscovery veteran and a pioneer of LPO-style offerings. Its hallmarks are maturity, structure and focus: review teams and facilities are dedicated and specialist; project plans and processes are thoroughly proven; technology is properly understood and fully leveraged; quality assurance and project management are the bedrock of every engagement.

That translates to a real value-add service, ranging from early case strategy consultation through to a metronomic recalibration of the review process as data, insights and further directions flow in. But all the time we’re aiming for that defensible review, done to budget and to time, and maintaining control even in the face of the unexpected. A dozen supplemental disclosures? Bring it on!


No-one likes an overly proscriptive service. Clients in need of processing and review services invariably have preferences or constraints that need to be factored into our offering, and we have worked hard to deliver optimal choice without any lessening of quality.

So we can do as little or as much as you like - 1st Pass, 2nd Pass and Privilege phases and we can even extend beyond that into more in-depth analysis of the matter.

We are happy to recommend a review platform or equally to use your favoured option, with deep domain expertise in leading platforms such as Relativity, Nuix and Reveal.

We can go on-premises or Cloud, with dedicated physical suites or secure remote provision.

We can go with native reviewers for multi-language reviews, and specialist lawyers for highly complex cases.

In short, we can curate the service and the team to be exactly the review solution you need.


The word ‘capabilities’ hints at a conflation of ‘capacity’ and ‘abilities’ and CCL has real depth to both of those, which instils confidence in our ability to deliver the right outcomes regardless of what is asked of us – or what circumstances throw at us.

So the UK-only review that suddenly gets extended to three more jurisdictions? The curve ball of multiple supplementary disclosures? An emerging need for native reviewers? The urgent takeover of data processing work from a provider failing to deliver on quality? Developments that call for specialist or senior inputs? An emergency enforced shift from a physical suite to a remote review platform?

So many potential disruptors but what a client wants is all those bumps in the road smoothed out for them. That’s why ‘capabilities’ matter, as we can absorb all those shocks to the system – and still perform at the highest level. That safeguards our clients and insures against the unexpected.

Perhaps we should end with a sixth and final C – completeness. Because we can sort all your managed review requirements – in full.

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