June 1, 2023

New digital forensics offering CCL Fetch set to ease burden of data retrieval challenges

Leading digital forensics specialist CCL Solutions has launched a new collections solution that promises to transform the speed, ease, and cost of data retrieval and evidence recovery.

CCL Fetch brings together in-lab, on-site,cloud-based, remote and targeted collection capabilities in one seamless solution. By leveraging so many technology options and reducing the requirement to always deploy experts to site, CCL Fetch aims to open up access to data on any target device in the world while significantly increasing responsiveness, reach, and affordability.

Clients get the benefit of an optimal collection strategy based on all known variables, such as device type, volume,location, sensitivity, jurisdictional obligations, time constraints and budget.

CCL Fetch was designed in response to growing demand from law firms, in-house legal, corporate investigation teams, eDiscovery providers, large accounting firms and regulatory bodies. They all need to be able to acquire data quickly, defensibly, and cost-effectively for subsequent preservation, normalisation, processing, analysis, review and/or investigation. But with requests growing in scale and complexity and budgets always under pressure, CCL Fetch provides the reassurance that any data retrieval challenge can be met, in the requisite time frame and at a highly competitive price point.

CCL Solutions CEO Noel McMenamin comments: “CCL Fetch harnesses the very latest tools and technologies and two decades of expertise in the development of digital forensic strategies.It sets a new benchmark not just for innovation but also for providing business value – this isn’t just about finding and recovering data for clients but designing the optimal way to do it and then managing the entire collections process as a turnkey project."

“Clients want the facility to instruct and brief us and then step back, safe in the knowledge that however complex the ask, we will fetch back everything there is to be found securely and in as cost-effective and time-efficient manner as possible.Global or multi-device, multi-location collection work can be a fraught,onerous and expensive process but CCL Fetch exists to derisk every part of it – and give clients greater confidence and certainty than ever before.”

Find out more about CCL Fetch here.

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