April 23, 2024

Press Release: CCL partners with Trellis Data & Cairn Advisory

Trellis Data, CCL Solutions Group and Cairn Advisory announce a high impact Digital Forensics, AI and Accreditation partnership.

Trellis Data, offering world-leading secure generative AI, computer vision and speech-to-text solutions for enterprise, CCL Solutions Group, Europe’s largest ISO 17025 accredited Digital Forensics provider, and Cairn Advisory, creating meaningful and sustainable collaboration between technology suppliers, integrators and government agencies today announced a partnership.

By combining Trellis Data’s AI-powered solutions with CCL's infinitely scalable device extraction and analysis platform users will enjoy faster evidence-gathering, self-defined business rules and information sharing/analysis automatically powered by AI.

“We are delighted to add Trellis Data’s Secure Chat, Vision and Speech solutions to CCL’s suite of digital forensics, data acquisition and analysis capabilities,” said Noel McMenamin, Chief Executive Officer of UK-based CCL Solutions Group.

“This partnership was forged by Cairn Advisory Group in response to a precise large scale, operational and legislative requirement. In the course of satisfying this program our collective synergies became obvious and we are delighted this has led to a broader relationship,” added Noel. “CCL provides innovative and secure, end-to-end data acquisition and analysis solutions to many leading Government agencies. The addition of AI at scale across multiple data formats significantly enhances our portfolio.”

Trellis Data are experts in a range of AI and deep neural network technologies, including natural language processing and translation, object detection, and decision-making at the edge. They develop and deploy highly accurate speech-to-text models across over a hundred languages and dialects that can be used for bespoke use cases with a comprehensive range of integration points to support 3rd Party integrations such as CCL.

"We are very excited to expand our work with law enforcement by partnering with CCL, a highly respected provider of systems and capabilities to police forces globally. Our suite of applications is specifically designed to manage and analyse vast amounts of data, including thousands of hours of audio daily, making it a perfect match for CCL’s needs in supporting police and intelligence operations," said Michael Gately, CEO of Trellis Data.

The new solution will take advantage of Trellis Data’s Secure Chat application. A highly secure knowledge management system, that crucially offers full traceability back to each data source and is able to search over a million documents in seconds. This offering enables agencies to make queries/connections from across numerous streams of information, providing unparalleled oversight of surveillance data.

Cairn Advisory is rapidly building a reputation of finding best in breed technology companies and creating robust partnerships with the specific focus to create relevant and meaningful cooperations. “We have brought Trellis Data and CCL together to create a flexible and scalable solution for digital forensics. Today - almost every investigation/case involves some kind of digital footprint. By building this relationship we have helped create a collaboration that will significantly improve operational efficiency whilst building far greater situational awareness. All the time preserving the optional use of data as evidence” said Paul Crowhurst, CEO Cairn Advisory Pte Limited.

To arrange a demonstration, please contact sales@cclsolutionsgroup.com.

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