December 21, 2023

Python modules for SEGB files made available via GitHub

CCL is proud of its ongoing commitment to giving back to the open-source community by regularly releasing code and contributing to other projects as a way to help further research in the field.

Our latest contribution is ‘ccl_segb’, two Python modules for reading SEGB files (formally known as Biome files).

SEGB files are found on Apple operating systems (iOS, macOS, etc.) and are typically related to recording user activities (for example, app usage, connected devices, browser usage) and can be a rich source of additional evidence in some investigations.

The modules are primarily designed for others in the community to take forward and integrate into their tools but there’s also a handy command line interface which can be used to dump the contents of a SEGB file for review.

You can find ‘ccl-segb’ along with our other open source projects on our GitHub page.

To learn more about the format and artefacts using the format, check out the useful articles here.

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