April 28, 2021

RabbitHole software sets new standard for forensic data exploration tools

CCL releases RabbitHole as its successor to Ribbon, giving analysts a significant performance edge in forensic data explorations

CCL Solutions Group has released a new forensic data exploration tool, RabbitHole, to build on the success of its predecessor Ribbon.

RabbitHole is described as the tool ‘that picks up where other tools leave off’, allowing analysts to drill down into data and effortlessly switch to the optimal view for the data format they are looking at. It saves time but also enables analysts to understand the results they get better and faster – all of which translates into greater job throughput and higher quality output.

While RabbitHole incorporates much of what made Ribbon such a ‘go-to’ tool for analysts, it boasts several valuable enhancements too. These include the addition of project files and support for more data types as well as interface improvements as part of a design refresh.

With RabbitHole analysts can:

• Process and report on the data that other tools don’t process, without the need for scripting or coding

• Drill down into data seamlessly, and understand data embedded in other data, with no requirement to export between different tools

• Enjoy an intelligent, user-centric experience – more time to work with the data, less time spent wrangling with the tools

• Invest in one complete tool, avoiding the need to find, curate and validate multiple tools for multiple file formats

CCL’s Alex Caithness, a principal analyst and author of RabbitHole, comments: “The software is very much a win-win for the individual and the organisation. Analysts get to do more thorough explorations more easily, and lab managers will benefit from both the increased cadence and quality of investigation.”

The software is available on an individual or multiple user licence basis. For pricing information, please contact Patrick Looney

To download the RabbitHole brochure click here

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