June 27, 2024

Shiny new Chrome tool now available

chrome-profile-view is a free, open-source DFIR tool from CCL for researching browser, website and web-app data.

Photo by Growtika on Unsplash.

It runs on Python and can be downloaded from CCL’s GitHub page where you can also find installation and usage instructions.

The tool was built to aid in investigating browser artefacts related to particular websites, so that this data can be understood and processed to maximise the investigative insights we are able to gain from them – an approach that CCL’s research and development team has been advocating for.  

chrome-profile-view also acts as an example application use for CCL’s popular and recently revamped ccl_chromium_reader software library (a free open source Python package for programmatically accessing data sources in a Chromium-based profile folder).

Many of the data structures available for previewing in chrome-profile-view are able to be analysed and reported on in more depth in our data exploration tool, RabbitHole. You can find out more about RabbitHole and start you free 30-day trial here.

chrome-profile-view is currently in its early stages of development, so we welcome bug reports, feature suggestions and code contributions from the community via the GitHub page.  

This tool represents another example of CCL’s ongoing commitment to supporting the DFIR open-source community.

chrome profile view
dropbox screenshot
dropbox workflow

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