February 7, 2024

Tight deadline, tighter budget? No problem!

How CCL Fetch quickly secured a compliant collection from four digital sources, ready for immediate review


  • Large insolvency practice


An insolvency practice assisting with a company administration wanted an optimal strategy for the collection of data from four separate digital source types: iPhones, laptops, Microsoft 365 email mailboxes and a file server.

All four data sources were in different locations and the file server was shared with another company meaning that not all data could be collected.

  • The data required from the iPhones consisted of messaging data only.
  • The data required from the laptops consisted of loose files from the users’ documents and downloads folder only.
  • The data required from the Microsoft 365 email mailbox consisted of emails to and from a specific list of contacts.
  • The data required from the file server consisted of specific folders relating to the company in administration.

The insolvency practice instructed CCL, specifying that collection had to be completed within two days and preferably utilising only one analyst to reduce costs. Once the data was collected, it was to be prepared for review on a single review platform.

Could CCL Fetch provide that optimal strategy and deliver against time and cost targets?


Due to the data residing in separate locations, CCL invoked Fetch’s Remote Collection service as this would save time, eliminate travel costs, and enable the collections to start almost immediately. A single analyst was able to collect data from all iPhones and laptops at the same time using different techniques.

  • Utilising CCL’s Remote Collection utility, we were able to access the iPhone data using forensic techniques and extract the messaging data only, transferring it over the internet straight into CCL’s secure systems.
  • Similarly, utilising CCL’s Remote Collection utility, the CCL analyst forensically collected the users’ documents and downloads folders from the respective laptops.
  • Whilst the data from the iPhones and laptops was being collected, the CCL analyst obtained Microsoft 365 credentials from the client’s IT department and proceeded to collect the emails, targeted by specific contacts.
  • CCL also liaised with the client to identify the folders of relevance on the file server and used our collection utility to target and remotely collect relevant data.


  • Rapid response
  • Immediate collection
  • Reduced data volumes
  • Faster time to review
  • Lower costs
  • Minimal business disruption  
  • Frictionless end-to-end service
  • Single source supplier convenience

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