January 26, 2023

Unlocking a rapid response to RASSO

How CCL and Compelson are combining to help law enforcement address the data recovery challenges around RASSO cases

As strategic partners to UK Law Enforcement Agencies both CCL Solutions Group and Compelson know just how critical the quick and accurate acquisition of data is to a successful investigation.

In terms of supporting victims and bringing offenders to justice, such a rapid response is never more valuable than in sensitive RASSO cases (Rape and Serious Sexual Offences).

By combining two powerful forensic recovery technologies – CCL’s SPEKTOR Ultra and Compelson’s MOBILedit Forensic - UK police agencies can respond at pace to these serious allegations.

To accelerate the investigation cycle, reduce unwanted intrusion into a victim’s devices and minimise the distress and inconvenience of a protracted forensic examination, investigators can expedite any examination by using defined search terms or defined date ranges, ie only selecting and extracting the data you actually need.

Subsequently, if properly authorised and appropriate, offenders’ devices can be scrutinised with the same velocity and precision – the results either pointing towards or away from the offence, but always supporting a well-defined criminal investigation.

You can contact us today to arrange a demonstration of our targeted extraction capability - and see how easy it is to unlock a rapid response to RASSO.

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