October 6, 2020

Webinar: Hold On! What Do You Mean By Preservation of Evidence?

CCL data analytics consultant Gavin Dodd will be speaking at this ACEDS and Exterro webinar on the subject of Legal Hold and the importance of effective data preservation.

A Legal Hold, also known as litigation hold, document hold, hold order, or preservation order, has more commonly been a US term but organisations in the UK and Europe also need to ensure their data preservation practices are effective in mitigating the risk of lost, altered or destroyed evidence in litigation, investigation or disputes.

Additionally, the Legal Hold process must work in concert with data protection challenges like DSARS (Data Subject Access Requests) to ensure data is preserved and managed appropriately under the relevant regulations.

The Legal Hold process can be the most crucial and important activity within e-discovery. It sets the foundation for the rest of the e-discovery process by defining the set of electronically stored information (ESI) at issue in the legal matter.

Join ACEDS and Exterro and speakers Gavin Dodd and Dr Donald Macfarlane to explore:

  • The importance of an effective data preservation program
  • 5 tips for establishing a robust Legal Hold process
  • How technology can help solve your data preservation challenges

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