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Lab-in-a-box is a turnkey solution that can fast-track and de-risk the build of a forensically sound laboratory.

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We draw on our own extensive experience in setting up the policies and procedures that have powered a class-leading digital forensics lab for over two decades. Also, having worked extensively within the public sector, law enforcement and governmental departments, we are well placed to work with organisations that have high security requirements.


To provide expert assistance to help an organisation set up its own fully functional in-house digital forensics laboratory. Using our own ISO 17025 laboratory standard as a best practice benchmark, we can ensure a robust physical security setup of a forensically sound laboratory.


At the end of the project, the organisation’s new lab will be in a position to:

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Implement best practice workflows and identify key stakeholder requirements to drive a bespoke software and hardware implementation based on your needs

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Define a technology refresh roadmap to ensure ongoing effectiveness

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Employ a case management system, SOPs and policies to support the management of casework and forensic analysts

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Meet the ‘Forensic Readiness’ recommendation within the ISO 27001 manual

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Train from the ground up based on your bespoke workflows

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Use CCL’s state-of-the-art, forensically sound laboratory as a continuous blueprint and benchmark for your own lab

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Benefit from on-going support with the option to outsource more complex forensic collection or processing work to CCL

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