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CCL has a global reputation for its work in the discovery and disclosure space. We bring together unparalleled digital forensic expertise with end-to-end eDiscovery services and class-leading technology.

Our teams are multi-disciplinary and feature some of the most experienced and expert practitioners in their field, including eDiscovery consultants, digital forensic investigators, data analysts and review platform specialists.

That means clients get everything they need in one reliable, capable and trusted partner, with quality underpinned by a trio of standards unique to CCL – ISO 17025 (for forensics), ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

Today we are increasingly the first choice for law enforcement agencies, law firms, corporates and government agencies needing assistance with litigation, dispute resolution, regulatory matters and investigations.

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We have built our services around the industry recognised Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), designing them to deliver optimal client outcomes every time:

  • Speed: Eliminate irrelevant data fast and get to the key insights early in order to reduce the duration of each case
  • Cost: Use early insights to assess your position or shape case strategy, and thus avoid unnecessary processing or analysis tasks
  • Predictability: Get greater visibility of likely budgets and timelines at the case outset
  • Defensibility: Be assured that all data from relevant data sources has been collected to a forensic standard that is regularly tested in criminal and civil court
  • Efficiency: Enjoy a single source supply of discovery expertise based on a unified platform, with no third parties to manage or disparate tools to contend with

Forensic Collection and Preservation

CCL offers the gold standard for collections work. Our quality is based on 20+ years working alongside law enforcement agencies worldwide and a digital forensics lab that is Europe’s largest and one of the few UK labs to hold ISO 17025 accreditation.

In order to maintain secure evidence continuity throughout the duration of a matter, documents must be acquired using a process that is reliable, repeatable and auditable. CCL does that and, thanks to proprietary technology, at incredible speeds too – minimising cost, disruption and business impact.


We can deploy globally to on-site locations with our instant response teams; in-person collections can also be complemented or replaced by full remote collection capabilities where appropriate. The latter offers further savings and continuity gains through live acquisition via remote data download.

Every collection project methodology is established at the outset, grounded in forensic standards but always mindful of commercial considerations. We identify and map out all required data sources before scoping the collections phase in terms of timing, locations, personnel and technologies – we get in, we get out, we collect right.

Standard digital evidence sources include:

  • Emails - Cloud based, Microsoft 365 and local email Exchange/PSTs 
  • Cloud document storage
  • Servers, desktops, laptops and tablets 
  • Smartphones
  • Deleted data
  • Hard copy
  • Audio, video and messaging data
  • Social media accounts
Data Processing

Data Processing

With so much of discovery spend going into the document review phase, no-one wants to be wasting time and money on reviewing non-relevant documents. That means getting an early grip on your collected data volumes, with a processing phase quickly searching, filtering and culling data to generate a reduced in size, increased in relevancy document set.

This in turn accelerates access for review teams (the client’s or ours) to the document set in order to drill down into evidence and/or investigative triage or full document review.

We bring together best-of-breed tools – leveraging the processing power of the likes of Relativity or Nuix – with a wealth of best practice and expertise to handle even the largest, most complex data sets.

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Certified consultants will work with on deduplication strategies and keyword analysis to help get you to your goals of:

  • Knowing at an item-level what data sits within each data set
  • Being able to efficiently and defensibly reduce the data set in terms of what is taken into review
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CCL has invested in heavyweight tools to do the heavy lifting across EDRM*, and that's especially true of today's review platforms. While careful to remain agnostic and open to client preference, we are also committed to using only best-of-breed technologies.

We have developed a wealth of expertise around the likes of Relativity and Nuix, providing a highly cost-effective, customisable and scalable solution for the management of any size and complexity of data set.

The review phase is about identifying the responsive data and uncovering what matters - turning data into information and information into insight. We help clients draw on the full workflow, analytical and search capabilities of their chosen review software to cull and contextualise their data at speed, finding patterns and exploring trends to readily identify the key issues.

*EDRM = Electronic Discovery Reference Model

Managed Review

While some clients are happy to conduct their own document reviews within our secure suites or via secure remote access, others sometimes need more options – perhaps deadlines are tight or in-house teams limited on resource.

Our Managed Review service has been designed to offer help where and when it is most needed. We can spin up review teams at short notice to very specialist briefs and with multi-language, multi-jurisdictional requirements. We can blend optimal teams from a performance, capability and cost point of view, with qualifieds and non-qualifieds working under a partner project lead and/or project manager in a dedicated review suite or secure collaborative online space.

Managed Review can encompass 1st Pass, 2nd Pass and Privilege phases and can even extend beyond that into more in-depth analysis of the matter.

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A reduced, more relevant set of documents is still typically too large and complex to wrangle into sharper meaning. CCL can bring the full might of leading-edge technologies such as email threading, language identification, clustering and conceptual searching to cull volumes, and advanced techniques such as continuous active learning to accelerate the review process.

The review phase is about identifying the responsive data and uncovering what matters - turning data into information and information into insight. We help clients draw on the full workflow, analytical and search capabilities of their chosen review software to cull and contextualise their data at speed, finding patterns and exploring trends to readily identify the key issues.

Production and Presentation services

Defensibility and quality are hallmarks of the CCL approach and that applies across EDRM*, end-to -end. So clients can expect high grade production and presentation services that are mindful of deadlines and careful on costs.

That extends beyond the realms of digital to hard copy documentation too. We can manage scanning and printing requirements where paper-based trial bundles are to feature in litigations, disputes or investigations. If a comprehensive digital solution is favoured, we can create eBundles and eBibles, transforming the accessibility, portability and manageability of often huge amounts of electronic evidence.

Production options include native only, image only or mixed native and image exports which are EDRM*-compliant.

We can also generate full electronic disclosure lists, to comply with the Civil Procedure Rules detailed in Practice Direction 31B. We build the queries to a client’s precise specifications, removing the burden of manual production from their own legal team. Every document gets a unique reference number, enabling rapid identification and retrieval when needed.

*EDRM = Electronic Discovery Reference Model

CCL Production and Presentation services - Discovery and Disclosure
Project management
Project management

We use a robust project management approach and stringent quality controls. So much of our day-to-day work is driven by the highest evidential standards - those that will stand up in criminal court - that process, integrity and compliance are implicit in everything we do.

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