Integrated Data
Services (IDS)
CCL is pioneering a way of working that offers corporates a huge advantage in their on-going battle to mitigate risk, work more effectively and cost-efficiently, reduce legal spend, and transform their data into a high value asset.

Integrated Data Services (IDS) is a bespoke service, fully managed, built on our full solution suite - digital forensics, data analytics, data governance, cyber security plus our proprietary tools and R&D capability. Clients no longer have to contract with individual service providers or law firms or orchestrate a complex web of suppliers; instead they can simply call down the relevant resource on demand from their single trusted data partner.

The real world will always mean a degree of balancing the proactive and the reactive - building a strong data governance framework on the one hand, being able to respond quickly and confidently to litigation or regulatory catalysts on the other. With IDS, you have the services - and skills - on tap to map resources to need - with complete cost certainty and delivery quality.

Key benefits:

  • Greater cost certainty - managed contracts are tailored to precise requirements but always with complete visibility of fixed monthly/annual costs
  • Better value for money - highly competitive offering when compared either with the Big Four or building multi-supplier, multi-disciplinary teams
  • Enhanced data governance posture – on-demand expertise and resource driving both proactive and reactive capability
  • Improved risk management – unified delivery of high-end forensics, analytics, discovery, and security services drives up operational integrity and efficiency while simplifying supplier management, key factors in mitigating overall risk

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