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CCL is one of Europe’s leading digital investigation specialists: we bring together digital forensics, discovery, and cyber security to help corporates clients get answers, fast.

Our focus is on making our skills and resources more accessible to organisations; making procurement quicker and simpler; offering the choice of discrete, on-demand services that can be rapidly called on alongside the more traditional contracted relationships.

The result is a suite of services that allows clients to tackle a wide range of data-oriented challenges efficiently and effectively, with complete price certainty from the outset. And given the breadth and depth of our resources here, we know that we can always respond at speed and scale – reassuring for those clients facing the pressures of urgency, volume, complexity or global involvement.

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Tailored solutions for diverse corporate challenges

Are these the sorts of things your corporate investigators, in-house legal, security or HR teams would value?

Concerned about potential employee misconduct? Our rapid data triage quickly reveals if there's any cause for suspicion.

Facing a potential contract breach? Our swift collection, processing, and review sets you up for a well-informed Early Case Assessment.

Overwhelmed by a Data Subject Access Request? We provide a smooth, compliant, and timely production of all relevant information.

Need support for complex litigation or regulatory review? Count on our end-to-end, competitively priced, and defensible disclosure services, no matter the size or complexity.

Confronting a major data leak or compromised email accounts? Our 360 investigative process integrates digital forensics, review, and cyber security to understand and mitigate the issue quickly.

At CCL, we're not just about providing services; we're about driving superior outcomes. That means giving you everything you need – clarity on costs and deliverables, strict adherence to schedules and budgets, and standards that guarantee defensibility. It's more than finding answers; it's about adding value every step of the way.

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Why the right partner matters

In the thick of a corporate crisis, you need more than just a service provider; you need a partner. With data and digital sources playing an inevitable part in every type of corporate investigation, CCL is hugely experienced across sectors, company size and sophistication. We step up when clients need an investigative response in order to:

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Minimise financial damage and punitive action

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Protect reputation and shareholder value

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Safeguard personal data and intellectual property

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Better inform litigation strategy

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Demonstrate compliance to regulators

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Improve cyber resilience

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Adhere to DSAR obligations

We know our work has consequences, that we can often find ourselves at the centre of intense, urgent scenarios where early insights or rounded judgments can be critical to success. That means clear communication, total transparency, and highly skilled project management and client liaison are as much a part of the CCL response as our investigative standards.

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Helping you find the answers you need

Responsibility for corporate investigations typically depends on the nature of the matter at hand and how an organisation is resourced and governed.

Who do we help?

Internal investigations

In-house legal


Brand protection units

Fraud teams

Risk and compliance

Cyber security

Data/IP theft | ransomware attack | business email compromise | financial irregularities | fraud | copyright infringement | employee misconduct | breach of contract or restrictive covenant | regulatory compliance issues | health and safety enquiries  

Why corporates trust CCL

Our clients take our expertise across collection, triage, processing, analysis, review and production as a given.

That’s why we offer so much more.

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Speed & Efficiency

Experience rapid response and fast turnarounds with our extensive forensic resources. We ensure operational agility to minimise disruption and expedite a return to business as usual, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.

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Global Reach & Advanced Solutions

Our global footprint allows us to handle complex enquiries across multiple jurisdictions with ease. We're constantly innovating with next-gen solutions in collection, processing, and review to accelerate your insight acquisition.

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Integrity & Compliance

Trust in our ISO 17025 pedigree for evidential integrity, crucial for litigation or tribunal purposes. We also strengthen supply chain compliance, ensuring every aspect of your investigation meets the highest standards.

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Value & Convenience

We strike the perfect balance between advanced technology, efficient processes, and competitive pricing to offer optimal value. Our streamlined, single-source solution simplifies your investigative needs, making commercial contracting and process management smoother and more convenient.

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Choosing CCL means more than just solving problems; it's about getting unmatched value and convenience. One place, all the answers.

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